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The Stephen Colbert "On Notice Board" Generator via Muckdog

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22 Responses to “Uh-Oh: I Am On Notice”

  1. DL says:

    BR is becoming an icon (in addition to being an iconoclast).

  2. Mr. Beach says:

    Barry: Wow! This is f***ing bigtime! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    You should have your people call up Colbert’s people and offer to discuss inflation ex-inflation.

  3. Mr. Beach says:

    Aww sh*t. Nice one. :-)

  4. The Great Ape says:

    BR, you are so F’d now buddy. I almost feel compelled to pick a side. What to do….

  5. grumpyoldvet says:

    Gawd…….you’re a bigger threat than Suzzane Summers and her Thigh Masters……All I can say is just WOW….

  6. Pony Boy says:

    Is this because you are a friend of BEARS??

    I didn’t see the show…

  7. Barry, this is fake. It os not associated with Comedy Central or Colbert.

    But good one anyway.

    Love your flog (financial blog)!

  8. fx trader says:

    Well done, sir. That’s like a lifetime achievement award.

  9. Nice jump to a younger crowd. Kudlow is starting to look gray and pale. Just as well. He and Luskin appear ready to get drilled, drilled, drilled…

  10. It’s a sign generator. Click the link. Try it out.

  11. scorpio says:

    huge. anytime you can appear on the same board as KC & the Sunshine Band, not to mention a board held aloft by Steven Colbert, you’ve made the Big Time. get the board and frame it.

  12. JustinTheEconomyIsJustFine says:

    Barry, the truth be told your hitting the nail on the head, when it comes to these depressed economic times…yes Longs that means the Four Horsemen are riding -bunker down your hatches!

  13. mark mchugh says:

    Hey Muckdog,

    I like your graphics better than TBP!

    You lucky, lucky bastard!


  14. Portland Refugee says:


  15. wunsacon says:

    About 2 years ago, I wrote the Colbert Show and said you should be a guest and/or “put on notice”. Unfortunately, I’m sure that email ended up in the bit bucket.

    Barry, I’m sure you would make a great guest. Colbert would have a field day with you. The combination of the two of you would make for great infotainment.

    Please have your people contact his people..

  16. bonghiteric says:

    I’m still amazed at the number of fellow TBP readers who don’t check the links or read the articles that are referenced in the posts.

  17. Amazing, isn’t it?

  18. mark mchugh says:

    yeah Barry,

    Slap together a book.

    “Barry Ritholtz: A Blog’s Life (in the age of turbulence)”

  19. Roger Bigod says:

    Your feelings must be hurt about getting third billing after “inflation” and “GDP”. But just remember: You’re still big — it’s the internet has gotten smaller.

  20. Quiddity says:

    I went to the website and entered “Designated Hitter Rule”, which felt great.

    Thanks, BR, for the post.

  21. cinefoz says:

    OK, that’s number three. You now have the official, God given right to be a smug son of a bitch. For each new accolade after this, you should expect valuable coupons and notifications for important products and services to arrive with no effort on your part. Each will make the life of an important person such as you much better. Good for you, buddy!

  22. Justin says:

    I’m such a rube. I spent five minutes scanning through last night’s Colbert episode before I figured out what the deal was. D’oh! I made up for it after, though, by making one for my wife, who was totally impressed.

    That’s awesome.