Earlier today, I was on Canadian television discussing earnings and the economy:

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I am disheveled looking because it was pouring on the way over, the audio guy had a hard time with mike, my collar was a mess, they got the firm’s name wrong, and oh, I was so late this morning (due to a family issue) that I didn’t have time to shave.

Other than that, it was a good appearance!

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27 Responses to “BNN Appearance: Shorts, Bounces & Banks”

  1. ceo says:

    This is Barry, you betta not owe him money.

  2. Larry Newman says:

    Hey, if you ever get arrested, just hand them this shot and save them the $ it takes to take a mug shot. Jails may have funding problems in the future too and need a break.

  3. John says:

    No Barry you aint going to make The Sartorialist this week. Otherwise a very good performance. You actually got to express some opinions unlike the shoutover fests at Kudlow. And I agree with just about everything you said.

  4. johnnyvee says:

    That was one of the best interviews I’ve seen. Great info and no interruptions from annoying no-nothing hosts.

  5. Stuart says:

    astute observations from Jesse.

    “And so we have a pathetically obvious intervention in the markets today to help to curb the declines in shares and bolster the dollar as banks declare more losses and one of the few remaining bond insurers implodes.

    What would the penalty be for dynamiting bridges used by the public evacuating the shore areas from the approach of an incoming tsunami?

    The market intervention ‘for the good of the public’ is being used to further line the pockets of the Wall Street wiseguys. Its a dirty business.”

  6. michange says:

    While *** asteriks *** are still blatantly ignored by the mainstream media, the Reuters guys overtly keep the paralympic flame of inverted causality :

    “The banking industry is suffering from the tail-end effects of a burst housing bubble,” said Gerard Cassidy, an analyst at RBC Capital Markets in Portland, Maine. “What dominates results now is good, old-fashioned credit deterioration. We’re going to see more.”

    Poor financial system, victim of the crappy housing bubble.

    A glass of Stiegel, anyone?

  7. Mike in NOLa says:


    You looked normal to me :)

    BTW, haven’t noticed any interviews on CNBC lately. A prophet without honor in your own land? Or a stranger in a strange land when on CNBC?

  8. joe says:

    Maybe you should consider limiting appearances to radio. More interesting audience there too.

  9. dblwyo says:

    Thanks for posting this – short, pointed, informative, knowledgeable interviewers. Where did you find these people and can we have more please ? Oh yeah, I forget…Canadians. Never mind – quiet thoughtfulness and knowing your subject is supposedly genetic there. One major quibble you might want to subject to your multiple data tests however – enterprise software. That cost-savings meme has been running around all over. Let me present you with an alternative – Ent. S/W is capex and that’s beginning to turn over in a normal cyclical pattern and lag. Having both sold and bought ent. s/w at the largest and modest scales I guarantee that a) IT depts don’t sell major purchases on purchases on the basis of 18-24 paybacks during downturns especially when b) CFOs are cutting budgets and capex. This too will come to pass – so watch out:

  10. Canuckistani says:

    Dishevelled and unshaven. You looked like one of our many cliche lumberjacks. When in Rome Barry.

    Next time would it kill you to put on a plaid shirt?

  11. Rich Shinnick says:

    Copied from Marketwatch

    “We are committed to a strong balance sheet and protecting and creating shareholder value. We have several initiatives as we have described under way to protect, preserve, and generate capital, and additional options are open to us,” Chief Executive Officer Robert Steel said on a conference call with investors Tuesday.

    This includes reducing the Charlotte, N.C., bank’s expenses and running its businesses better, Steel said.

    I love it!!!!! “Initiatives…..Options are open to us… we can reduce expenses and run the business better…”

    Everything will be fine now.

    Buy Wachovia now!!!!

  12. E says:

    So Wachovia cut their dividend by 90% and the stock went up 27%.

    Can someone fill me in on whatever Wall Street rumor it was that goosed the financials today? Because it clearly wasn’t a fundamental rally.

  13. michange says:

    @E | 4:25:38 PM

    Blogs incrilminate SEC anti-naked shorts policy, that’s trigerring a covering-based rally, in an extremely interventionist way.

    …Americans ain’t American anymore…

  14. …at least you’re not sporting a handlebar ‘stash…

  15. MarkTX says:

    @E | 4:25:38 PM

    Fundamentals have nothing to do with the financial system of the US.

    Alchemy, slight of hand, fraud,
    MAD(mutually assured destruction), etc.,
    are all that is left of the US.

    @michange | Jul 22, 2008 4:43:03 PM

    …Americans ain’t American anymore…

    How True! How many people do you think have figured that out? Or are allowed/have the guts to say it in public?

  16. Stuart says:

    Oligarchy best describes today’s financial markets

  17. AlladinsLamp says:

    That’s OK. You look just like the rest of us saps.

  18. You looked fine, Barry.

    The quality of this show is striking. The hosts asked smart and serious questions and gave you plenty of time for detailed responses. And neither Mr. Mustache or Business Lady is a “finance babe” spouting out giggle lines. They look like… uhhh… serious people hosting a serious business show. Wow.

  19. DonkeyKong says:

    The Howard Beale look is in these days, Barry.

    Keep messing with the “Forces of Nature”, and never atone.

  20. VVi11 says:

    You’re sounding like I chick. No one noticed, you look like any other guy I’ve seen on there. Plus, …. anyways, you don’t have the handlebar stache, and that’s your problem.
    So, our BNN is good or what? I feel I actually get informed.

  21. Juhuti says:

    How long before MSM realizes that little fact about WFC? Back in the day, if you lied about the money they would ask you this question: “Are you right or left handed?” :)
    I didn’t realize that I would enjoy looking at 10Q, 10K, and Exhibit 99′s. But I do. I want to know the truth. Most of the time if a company reports a loss of 40-60% y-o-y the shareholders would be screaming for a new Board of Directors, CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.

  22. Stuart says:

    BNN is a little less glitzy but in terms of content, puts CNBC to shame. Forgot to mention earlier, was a very good interview IMO. You noticed more than anyone else that you didn’t shave.

  23. attilahooper says:

    Aapl has nothing to do w the enterprise. Dont expect anything but from the consumer.

    I’m looking at LG just because I dont drink the koolaid. And I restate, all codecs ARE BELONG TO ME.

  24. bdg123 says:

    With that unshaven look, I’d swear that was a mug shot. How long have you worked for the Gambino family?

  25. Doug MacKay says:

    That’s OK Barry. Up here in the Great White North we don’t go for things in fancy packages, we prefer things that work, that work well, and last a long time.

    Keep it up!

    Canada EH!

  26. Toro says:

    “I am disheveled looking because it was pouring on the way over, the audio guy had a hard time with mike, my collar was a mess, they got the firm’s name wrong, and oh, I was so late this morning (due to a family issue) that I didn’t have time to shave.”

    Hey, that’s how all of us Canadians look, so you fit in perfectly for Canadian TV. :)