"Market accidents and policy mistakes"

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7 Responses to “Charlie Rose: A Conversation with Mohamed El-Erian”

  1. CNBC Sucks says:

    I cut off watching this at 12 minutes so let me know if it’s worth watching the rest. As a new Democrat and having become a fan of people with exotic, Muslim-sounding names such as Barack Obama and Fareed Zakaria, I was expecting something a bit unconventional and maybe more insightful with someone named Mohamed El-Erian. But that could just as easily have been Bill Gross or Paul McCulley.

  2. notsofastfriend says:


    I was able to watch 26 minutes… Had nothing to do with Muslim sounding names.

    These guys at Pimco are a bunch of talking heads. Wall Street Greed and Federal Reserve duplicity is what caused this mess. Period.

  3. rexl says:

    i had watched the actual event the other night. i had heard this guy was so smart, they must have been very ‘standardized tests’.
    his big message, americans will be poorer. (except for guys working for pimco.)
    thanks for the precious insight, muslim pal.

  4. Cheezebox says:

    Are you people xenophobic??

  5. VennData says:

    Mohamed El-Erian identified and chronicled the systemic change in emerging markets. He shot the lights out at the Harvard endowment. His predictions of near term events are ignored at your financial peril.

    The racist BS above is moronic and un-American.

  6. dissent says:

    Well, what got us here? Part of it is that American workers were shafted by falling/stagnant wages and outsourced jobs. The financial class, including El-Erian, applauded the resulting profits. Yay for El-Erian, boo hoo American working stiff.

    Also, China pegged its currency to make its good cheaper, so that Americans with falling wages could afford Chinese goods – and not American goods – and American firms moved manufacturing jobs to China, so that they could profit from cheap wages. The financial class, including El-Erian, applauded the resulting profits. Yay for El-Erian, boo hoo American working stiff.

    No wonder people are resentful at El-Erian’s lecture on how American working stiffs are somehow to blame for this debt binge (as if falling wages had nothing to do with it) and now have to prepare – for more falling wages. Oh yeah, also falling asset values.

    Yay for El-Erian, boo hoo American working stiff.

    Just remember, our financial markets are the deepest and most liquid in the world. Or something.

  7. droubal says:

    Americans (working stiffs) have elected a government that fostered this mess. The electorate is still looking for those same politicians to solve all our problems. We get the gov’t we deserve and we will now pay the price for our shallow and short-sighted voting record.

    Washington collects $3 trillion per year in taxes and fails to solve problems with it. Furthermore at least half the gov’t says $3 trillion isn’t enough.

    Nothing will improve as long as we give so much of our money to waste.

    to quote Ernest Shackleton, “We are our own rescue party”.