While we are sitting around waiting for the widely anticipated stand pat 2:15 FOMC Fed statement, here are some interesting photos of a protest at last months meeting:




Full set of photos here

Hat tip: Cunning Realist








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16 Responses to “Protest at the Fed”

  1. anonymous says:

    i feel like calling them up and asking them to sign me up for 300-days-free-rent. i’m 23 and looking at not being able to afford getting back into school.

  2. David Merkel says:

    This is the most economically literate protest I have ever seen. Kudos to the organizer.

  3. also fed up says:

    It’s about time we saw some popular outrage over all this. Inflation (via the expansion of the money supply far in excess of underlying growth) is a direct tax on working people and a de-facto bailout of debtors.

  4. derringdo says:

    greed of this bustards is unbelievable


    For the simple folks, details about how the scam works

  5. details are always a good idea, in this case, it can make for a fascinating story.

  6. SM says:

    Awesome!!! Need more of this.

  7. dc denizen says:

    this picture is from capitol hill. the Fed is ~20+ blocks from where this picture was taken.

  8. Mr Bubbles says:

    The organizer of this was Karl Denninger over at Market Ticker via FedupUSA.org

    Future protests will be planned. Several petitions have already been submitted to US government officials. Come join us!


  9. GB says:

    I checked out that FEDUPUSA.ORG and they had a link to this bloomberg article. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=azswcZQvmUX0&refer=home

    Interesting BR that Asia seemed to be more worried than anyone else…

  10. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    I believe Denniger was on top of cfc’s fall from grace way back in 2006…at least that is when there problems came into my view.

  11. JR says:

    Just checked out their web site. It’s refreshing to see that they are not affiliated with politics, just sound economic principles and ethics.

    This is a group I would support as any time you mix politics with the above, the message is diffused. These people point the finger at the right target.

  12. brion says:

    “Just checked out their web site. It’s refreshing to see that they are not affiliated with politics, just sound economic principles and ethics.”

    well, er, sort of JR.
    Karl Denninger runs his TickerForum like the Idi Amin of econ blogs. He’s a right-wing sociopath with a Napolean complex, is quicker to censor dissent than a Fox News editor and is prone to lashing out at the members who haven’t already been banned for not “heeding his warnings” or “sitting on their asses drinking beer” while the Republic burns ( He’s a juvenile dickhead who pisses on his own blog in other words). A casual visitor to TF should be prepared to encounter every ethnic slur known to man and every verbal variant on the act of coerced anal sex.

    But the damned thing is, he IS perceptive about financial/economic matters and i read TickerForum every day.

    Barry-what sayest thou about TF?

  13. Greg0658 says:

    brion – thats some post above … I read it three times

    I have not yet visited it for fear of investing in his kingdom by ClickGear … so we have another antichrist on our hands? I’m shaking in my boots. Well kinda.

    If your not with us your against us. Yep.

    I’m worried the government and corporations are setting rules and tax breaks in their favor.

    Like (1 issue) – there is a law structure coming down the pike, already here, corporations want equality, common folks want assurance – I’m talking about caloric and nutrient contents on menus of restaurants.

    And millions of dollars of tomatoes went where during the last scare. And it turns out what I thought of right away, yucky irrigation water.

  14. DigDouggler says:

    “this picture is from capitol hill. the Fed is ~20+ blocks from where this picture was taken.”

    Look at the photo gallery linked above. We protested at the Federal Reserve building first on that day.

  15. Jojo says:

    Wonder why I didn’t see this covered on CNBC [lol]?