Remember this idiocy?

Top US analyst hits back after death threats over Citigroup downgrade

It was exactly 9 months ago. What has that gestation period brought us?

The note sent Citigroup shares down 9 per cent, to $38.62 by late
morning in New York – their lowest levels in more than four years.

Sentiment spread across the sector. Bank of America, the US’s second-largest
bank, fell $1.48 to $46.80, while Merrill Lynch was off $2.48 from $63.54.

Top US analyst hits back after death threats over Citigroup downgrade
Tom Bawden
Times Online, November 3, 2007

Category: Credit, Legal

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7 Responses to “Suing, Threatening Analysts”

  1. You can't handle truth! says:

    And some of these freaking, right wing liars and dictator type mafia investors where getting racial with that asian citigroup analst for down-grading E*Trade when it was at $6! Not that he is any better breed and is just an opportunist penguin/analyst but he had rec’d death threats and deportation notices even though he is probably born here.

    What a bunch of crook investors — love the upgrades and buys but can’t handle sells/truth.

    S&P 1000-1100 in next 12 months. take the other side Bullies, if you can.


    Meredith Whitney….? She was interviewed by Maria B. the other day and what she didn’t say about LEH spoke volumes.

    I’m changing my recommendations on LEH, C and MER, from Strong Sell to Goodbye.


  3. Peter says:

    WWF Writedown.

  4. Vic says:

    I think the more amazing part of that article is she married someone called “Death Mask”. Meridith, I would never threaten you with a husband named that

  5. Mel says:


    If your site grows in stature and popularity, you too might be threatened. Just the other day I heard a rumor that you short financials–an axis of evil terrorist undertaking. Big Brother is reading Big Picture–could lead to Big Problems.

  6. Roger Bigod says:

    Nice little website you have here. Be a shame if something was to happen to it.