Lacker & Plosser:

Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker and his Philadelphia counterpart Charles Plosser raised concerns about moral hazard in June, urging that lines be set for any central bank intervention. U.S. regulators reluctant to backstop another investment bank may point to the fact that speculation about Lehman’s potential failure hasn’t generated as much concern among investors as Bear Stearns’s implosion.

Lawrence Meyer:

"What would be best is to alter the precedent with Bear Stearns,” said former Fed governor Laurence Meyer, who is now vice chairman of Macroeconomic Advisers LLC, an economic forecasting firm in Washington.


Sources says no government money in resolution of Lehman’s situation; Two things will make this deal different: 1) the market has been aware of the situation and has had time to prepare; 2)Fed’s primary dealer credit facility now exists to allow for orderly process

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10 Responses to “Lacker & Plosser: No Deal! (at least none funded by US)”

  1. Winston Munn says:

    Sorry to be off-topic here, but can we please encourage a moratorium on the word “unexpected” or its derivatives?

    “Retail sales unexpectedly drop in August”

    Sorry, no.
    Buster Douglas KOs Mike Tyson – now that was unexpected. Retail sales falling in a consumer-led recession, I don’t think so…

  2. Scott says:

    Re your LEH no gov’t money post, think about this:

    If there’s no government money, it would seem to me the bondholders take a bath of sorts, at any rate—how much I have no clue. But recall how much short term debt the financials have to roll over in by year end, my memory’s shot, but some number like $200 billion+ is correct. If debtholders see themselves at serious risk, a haircut on the Lehman deal doing that without question, one of two things happens. Price goes way way up, and/or they have to sell assets, which will drive prices way down, require marks on level 2 and 3—big time disaster, imo.

  3. Andy Tabbo says:

    The government says “NO” and the stock market starts crying and wailing about…

    It seems the government is setting up that Minsky moment….

    Lehman defaults….who wrote the CDS against Lehman…were those CDSs properly marked? Who owns LEH preferred? What’s that going to be worth.

    AIG getting hammered right now….I guess they wrote some of the CDS?

    Who wrote the derivatives on AIG? Where are those marked on someone’s books?

    This thing has the very real potential of cascading in a wicked spiral as the ponzi scheme of derivatives and phony capital gets unwound.

    - AT

  4. jodie the berry picker says:

    paaaaaleaaase!!!! no bailout??? no way they fail. paulson can do whatever he wants and has proved it repeatedly. no one is going to stand up to this transfer of wealth from the tax payers to big business………………..

  5. Alex Sharp says:

    Thank God the government kept the checkbook closed. Remember, we are living in a post-Bear Stearns world, where the discount is now open to investment banks. If Lehman needs short-term liquidity, it’s there. That in large part eliminates the risk of a run on Lehman’s cash reserves. Otherwise, at least the next proud owner of Lehman Brothers won’t be Paulson & Co.

  6. NOR says:

    inflation UNEXPECTEDLY rose 10% overnight as government reported their real numbers

    dow jones UNEXPECTEDLY tanked 1000 points, as the PPT computers were hijacked amidst LEH, AIG, WaMu meltdown

    houseprices UNEXPECTEDLY dropped 30% nationwide in august, as the banks forclosed those that were into foreclosure

    GDP UNEXPECTEDLY contracted as the government started telling the truth

    list goes on and on…

    this would maybe be a better use of the word..

  7. This thing has the very real potential of cascading in a wicked spiral as the ponzi scheme of derivatives and phony capital gets unwound.

    - AT

    AT has it tabbed.

    People should thank Maslow and start at the Base.

    If you’re battened down for Cat5, you’ll think 130 mph winds are a Gift.

  8. Harry Weitzel says:

    You keep referring to Paulson as a socialist, but that’s inaccurate. What Ben & Paulie are about is fascism, not the NAZI kind but the Mussolini “Corporate State” kind. With socialism, in theory, what the powers that be try to do, however misguided they are, is for the good of ordinary people. What our boy’s are doing, is what is good for their cronies. This is a huge difference.

  9. Mike in NOLa says:


    Actually, Hitler wasn’t that different from Mussolini in corporatism, just more extreme. He was supported by the industrialists who made tons of marks by supplying the military machine and benefiting from slave labor.

    Krupp, which has survived into modern times, as part of ThyssenKrupp AG, was paid huge amounts for supplying all sorts of weapons and munitions.

    Bayer made good money selling Zyklon B for the gas chambers and records were discovered that they had even bought 150 female prisoners “for experimental purposes”.

    Hitler himself took no vow of poverty. He was paid millions of marks as royalties for his book.

  10. Yves says:

    “This thing has the very real potential of cascading in a wicked spiral as the ponzi scheme of derivatives and phony capital gets unwound.”
    That is because it IS a ponzi scheme, from a material wealth standpoint.
    As for LEH not benefiting from state-funded sponsorship, it boils down to their rank in the “Federal Reserve” scheme; “small enough to fail.”
    I.E. not a member of the executive club.