I am getting up to speed slowly with WordPress. (All of your suggestions have been very helpful).

Our host firm is Mosso, a Rackspace company, and they showed us this insane stat: Their data for  www.ritholtz.com yesterday shows total page views for the day of 270,969.

That’s simply off the charts . . .

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19 Responses to “Traffic . . .”

  1. leftback says:

    Whenever I use the cursor I get that pop-up ad….. I will have to learn not to use the cursor… :-)

    Good luck with the new project, Barry.

  2. CNBC Sucks says:

    Your page views are like Trish Regan to my Sue Herrera.

    You suck, Barry Ritholtz.

  3. Jim C says:

    Header needs to go…too big – especially for the coming netbook wave and for widescreen monitors.

    I also don’t like the transition effect I get whenever I page into the page by backing up from comments.

    Congrats on your following.

  4. No one seems to love the header —

    I think its kinda cool, and almost irrelevant, because you glide past it so quickly via the scroll

  5. ElvisP says:

    It’s the Big Picture, not a bunch of smaller ones! You can do better!

  6. I-Man says:

    I like the new site…

    But I keep wanting to click on all the little pictures in the banner at the top… And if I could make a humble suggestion: how about a “Lion of Judah” on there… :)

    And what is BP Cafe? Whats the diff in those entries compared to the ones on the main page?

  7. jbruso says:

    Page views or Unique page views?

    Yeah, i think the header could be 50% the size.

  8. chag says:

    I love the look of the new site- very nice and uncluttered. One complaint– the header is way too big (it takes ~40% of my screen). Beyond that I love the content– keep up the great work.

  9. jmt says:

    Where’s the Calender?

    Big fan, B-Rit, big fan.

    I like the look, too, but maybe one row of pics instead of two on the new BIG header. But I love the pics.
    Love the upper tabs, too. But on the right side that list is the same as the top tabs and is redundant and a waste of space.

    What I really miss from the old site is the calender. The ability to click on a date and pull up posts from days past.

    It’s been very useful and informative to go back to, say, September 11, and re-read your posts during the unfolding of this crisis.

    Will we still be able to do that?

  10. mhm says:

    It is visually better than the last site but I have a few critiques:
    - the top of a page is prime real state: use it to inform; the cute flash must shrink or present value.
    - your content (which is great) does not depend on fixed layout; let it flow with percentage width, maybe set a max value.

    - there’s too much white space; reading a line looks like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:White-out_hg.jpg

    Other than that, keep up the good!

  11. constantnormal says:

    It seems oddly strange to see a stat on your blog that is not accompanied by the historical context provided by a chart …

    270,969 page views yesterday … so what was it last month? last year?

  12. Pat G. says:

    Dashboard, huh? I had no idea that I’d already posted 6700 comments. Guess I’ve been jawing with you meatheads for awhile now! LOL Site looks good. Can we change the password so its more user friendly. Hell, I have a hard time remembering my name some days.

  13. seobook says:

    Hi Barry
    I love your work, and this is a rare opportunity for me to be able to give back/help support it.

    2 WordPress tips…

    I spent half of last week cleaning up hacked WordPress blogs :( Most of the updates are security related, so make sure you keep your blog updated with the latest version (currently it is not)…and you may want to have database backups sent to an email.

    your page titles do not put the relevant parts at the beginning…try adding a plug in like this one
    to make the page titles have the most relevant parts at the beginning of the page title.

  14. KJ Foehr says:

    It’s not just the header; its all the stuff at the top. At 1280 x 1024 on my 19 inch screen, I have 4 ½ inches of stuff that I will rarely ever use. The header has too much black space (1/2”) above the top row of buttons. The buttons themselves are too big at ½” tall. The header pics are too big at nearly 1 inch. Then there is another row of buttons “About”, etc, that are also too tall at 5/8”. Then there is yet another row of seldom used stuff (Subscribe, Search, etc) that is nearly 5/8” tall. Altogether that is 4 ½ inches of stuff most regular visitors will rarely use.

    This is a pet peeve of mine as most software and web pages these days waste too much space with extra / rarely used stuff, while the workspace or meat of the page is regulated to less than ½ of the total screen area. In your case 45% of the main screen is comprised of this stuff. Then there is another white space about 1” tall (for Ads I think), which makes it 55%! That leaves only 4 ½” (45%) from the title of your post to the bottom of the screen.

    Then when you subtract the side buttons, 3 ¾” on my screen and the empty space on both sides of the screen, 1 ¼” times 2 = 2 ½”. Altogether that leaves much less than 45% of the page to display your post — the main thing I and others came to see.

    And if you include the browser bars at the top and the Windows bar at the bottom of the screen, it is even less space displaying the relevant / active info.

    Of course scrolling is easy, but I always seems ridiculous to me that the main, important part of a web page is less then ½ of the screen, so that I must immediately start scrolling to read the new / important information.

    Good luck with the new site. I’m certain it will be a big success.

  15. RangerTurtle says:

    Thanks for your blog Barry!

    BTW, Charlie Gasparino made the news again; seems he appeared drunk/stoned or something on CNBC yesterday afternoon. That’ll teach him to stop arguing with you

  16. Kristjan says:

    Hi Barry!

    I really like the new design, but agree with others on the header – it’s a bit too big. Otherwise it’s all good. The new design makes it much easier to read and browse through the site. Congrats on choosing WP! I use it too and couldn’t be more satisfied with it. The best thing about the new site is that if you want to comment, you have to sign in with your own username.

    Keep up the good work, Barry!

  17. jrnbj says:

    On Safari the text in many of the posted excerpts is very dim…..hurts my aged eyes!!!!

  18. ADB says:

    Great new site.
    1. Top tabs excellent…especially access to great BP Cafe. Will that increase 1.2 avg pages views??
    2. Masthead eye candy…roll over it…where does it go?
    3. Dividing each posting with links and longer material “beneath the fold” excellent
    4. Don’t be afraid to sell your services. The insights I gleam from just reading the blog have helped me be >>100% ROI in ’08. I’ve signed up for F-IQ. Just need to wrap my brain around it now…haha!

    Has any one caught Martin Wolf”s FT Wed quote “”Charles Bean, deputy governor of the Bank of England for monetary policy, describes what is happening as “possibly the largest financial crisis of its kind in human history”.”?

    Seriously great work!

  19. EDF says:

    I agree with jrnbj: [quoted] text _is_ very dim.