Inman-most-influential-2008Inman Realty puts outs a list of 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers each year.

The Big Picture is pleased to be on it!

Here’s Inman’s  description:

There is a busy field of bloggers in the real estate industry, and some clear standouts that have built a loyal following. This annual list of most influential real estate bloggers recognizes those bloggers who are well-known, well-read and have a knack for stirring up discussion and debate on important, timely and relevant topics for the industry. In addition to this list of 25 bloggers, we provide a handful of notables who are also stirring up the blogosphere.

In this report we are also highlighting 10 blogs that focus on the
economy and financial markets — real estate professionals are undoubtedly keeping a closer eye on economic news these days as the global financial crises leaves its mark on the housing market. And we
offer up a list of 10 international real estate blogs, proving that the blogosphere is truly planetary and that the passion for all things real estate is not just a U.S. phenomenon.

The full list is after the jump.


25 Most Influential Bloggers: 2008

Broker and Agent Blogs

Kris Berg Founder, The San Diego Home Blog
Teresa Boardman Founder, St. Paul Real Estate Blog
Noah Rosenblatt Founder,
Daniel Rothamel Founder, Real Estate Zebra
Jay Thompson Founder, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

Community, Multi-Author Blogs

Lani Anglin-Rosales New Media Director, Agent Genius
Greg Swann Founder, Bloodhound Blog

Mortgage Blogs

Todd Carpenter Founder, Lenderama
Dan Green Founder, The Mortgage Reports

Housing Economics Blogs

Barry Ritholtz Founder, The Big Picture
“Calculated Risk” Founder, Calculated Risk

Industry Commentary Blogs

Michael Wurzer Founder, FBS Blog
Joseph Ferrara Co-founder, Sellsius Real Estate Blog
Joel Burslem Founder, Future of Real Estate Marketing

Marketing and How-To Blogs

Dustin Luther Founder,
Nicole “NikNik” Nicolay Co-author, MyTechOpinion
Jim Cronin Founder, The Real Estate Tomato

Local Blogs

Lockhart Steele Founder, Curbed
Jonathan Butler Founder, Brownstoner

Company Bloggers

Rudy Bachraty Social Media Guru, Trulia
Drew Meyers Co-author, Zillow Blog, Geek Estate Blog
Glenn Kelman Contributor, Redfin blog

Journalist Blogs

Peter Viles Co-author, L.A. Land
John Cook Co-founder, Where Are John and Todd?

Housing Bubble Blogger

Patrick Killelea Founder, and Reality Parser

Congrats to all who were recognized for the impact of their hard work!

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6 Responses to “25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers: 2008”

  1. FT Woods says:


    Peter Viles at L.A. Land just made his curtain call at the LA Times this week. Sad. The layoffs there just don’t stop. There probably won’t even be a paper in another year if this keeps up.

  2. heartening to see additional proof of the existence of well-functioning markets..

    some of those, in the round-up, I hadn’t be exposed to, though has, as well, long been a favorite of mine..

  3. jtil says:

    Where’s Ben Jones? Purveyor of Ben’s Bubble Blog, which had quietly been predicting the shit hitting the fan years before the shit actually did hit the fan?
    Seems a glaring omission…

  4. investorinpa says:

    How could they leave off Its the only other blog other than the BP that I read regularly. They’ve nailed nearly everything from when they started 3 years ago. As for Greg Swann, he’s a tool who said Az housing will never go down because celebrities live there and they have so many golf courses. asshat.

  5. VaAppraiser says:

    Wow, you guys really missed some good ones. Where is Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis? Were is Mortgage Implode??? Where is ITulip??? Of course all these nailed the current crisis we are in. What was your criteria forchoosing these???

  6. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Lizard portion of brain activated…

    Greg Swann is an idiot. Behavioral issues (arrested development) from a supposed professional realtor. Greg found a scam in real estate and has been making bucks, while far more noble citizens are in life’s danger in Iraq and Afganistan risking life and limb for little pay. THAT’S what’s wrong with the world today: scum like Greg run free while decent people endure dumploads of crap. If it were a just world Greg would be in Afganistan getting shot at and avoiding roadside bombs instead of someone else.