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4 Responses to “Bailout Gravy Train”

  1. DonRobbie says:

    Note the low tunnel ahead and the bankers on top of the boxcar. Anyone with a background in the visual language of action movies or cartoons knows what happens next.

    Seems like a metaphor for the bailouts that keep having to hop back on the gravy train (AIG, Citi, Freddy and Fannie)

  2. That’s no gravy train. Just beyond the tunnel is the bridge over the river Quai. Hyperinflation simply will not forestall the effects of our financial system’s insolvency. The question is will the coming social explosion be strong enough to get rid of the sold-out, politic quacks who haven’t the courage to pursue a bankruptcy reorganization, or will this be forestalled by such furthering of chaos as has become a growing trend these past ten years?

  3. dead hobo says:

    Those wankers who are chasing the train aren’t going to get more than pennies. The real cash is going to those who managed to fly ahead and are now waiting at the station. You should never underestimate the value of distraction.

  4. going broke says:

    On the other side of the tunnel more boxcars are waiting to be hooked up to the train, getting ready for the second leg of this bailout trip that has an undetermined destination.

    Looks like the banks will be getting a bailout from the Govt. AND their customers. I’ve noticed that many ATM’s have increased their charge $.50 to $1.00 higher. One out of area ATM wanted to charge me $3.50 to withdraw $200. That’s a 1.75% charge!

    Recently, my bank was going to charge me $25.00 to make a stop payment on a check to a cable company. I told them to forget it since the check was for $39 and some change. I’ll make the cable company send me a check back if they cash it.