You MUST check out the BP Café !

Today, we had excellent posts from Jim Welsh, Marion Maneker, Jack McHugh, and author Vitaliy N. Katsenelson.

Yesterday, it was Michael Panzner and Chris Whalen. The highlight of Wednesday morning was the monthly newsletter of Paul Brodsky & Lee Quaintance, which was mentioned in Alan Abelson’s column in Barron’s Saturday.

And earlier this week, we had NBER Recession dating committee member and Harvard Prof Jeff Frankel, Yves Smith of Naked Captilalism, as well as Steve Randy Waldman.

Really terrific stuff.

(I’m working on keeping the spring loaded menus for the side bar open — including the Café).

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4 Responses to “BP Café”

  1. dogjawbull says:

    Yo, Barry. I like what you’ve done with the neighborhood. The site, the contributors. Good stuff, my young friend…

    Scott in Chicago

  2. batmando says:

    Barry -
    Whenever I enter , the site opens on a post that apparently is not the most current. When I click on its Comments there then appears the older and newer post links at the top which tells me I did not enter the site at the most current post. Small thing but irritating.

    Also, do you sometimes post items and/or articles to TBP then move them to the BP Cafe and/or vice verse? Does the order in which posts are sequenced sometimes get changed? cos’ sometimes I’ll go looking for a post and it seems to have jumped elsewhere in the chronological sequence. Maybe I just haven’t synched with the site mechanics yet, but I haven’t found a comfort level with it yet.

    Threading Comments would be GREAT!

    Repeat wish: a drop-down list for scrolling back thru all posts chronologically instead of Recent Posts with just 5 posts listed

    Still couldn’t do without my daily doses of TBP, but look forward “fixes” and improved widgets etc

  3. Yeah, its a work in progress

    Comment threading is on my list of TTD (the plug in is “Discus”), but I am trying to introduce changes slowly so as to not break anything.

    We juts added caching, and its a quirky change . . .

  4. doug says:

    I like the cafe idea, and the new layout. Congrats on change….