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Corporate Welfare by R.J. Matson

Category: Bailouts, Corporate Management, Taxes and Policy

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18 Responses to “Corporate Welfare”

  1. Mannwich says:

    They forgot the music industry (and local governments in Philly, Phoenix and Atlanta). The all want to be “banks” too.

  2. prismatic says:

    I think the Onion says it best:

    In The Know: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

  3. BG says:

    The longer this goes on, the more obvious it becomes….No one has a fucking clue as to what needs to be done. This shit day in & day out is wearing me out.

  4. km4 says:

    Rep. Cummings asks, ‘Is Kashkari a chump?’

    CUMMINGS: I’m just wondering how you feel about an AIG giving $503 million worth of bonuses on the one hand, and accepting $154 billion from hard-working taxpayers. You know, because I’m trying to make sure you get it. What really bothers me is all these other people who are lined up. They say, well, is Kashkari a chump?

    with Youtube video

    The short answer is yes Kashkari a chump but wish it was #1 crook Paulson that was getting the grilling

  5. BG says:

    It’s like we are all at the gates of Hell trying to negotiate new terms with the devil. The faster we talk, the worse we ultimately make it for ourselves.

    WE had plenty of intelligence at the helm; but we apparently didn’t have a shred of common sense.

  6. BG says:

    Can you believe we find ourselves here and apparently no one has done anything wrong so far? That is absolutely unbelieveable! How could that possibly be the case?

  7. BG says:

    I sense a financial tsunami is upon us and there isn’t anything anyone can do now to stop it! Just hunker down until after the wave has passed and the damage has been done.

    Only then can anyone pick up the pieces.

  8. Blackhalo says:

    “Can you believe we find ourselves here and apparently no one has done anything wrong so far? That is absolutely unbelievable! How could that possibly be the case?”

    I have a friend who at one time worked for the Justice Dept., that when asked about the MicroSoft decree WRT a breakup, which the Clinton JD had on the ropes, said “we have not interest in it.”

    So, all I can say is, “wait for it.” Competence is coming. Justice will get her due.

  9. Blackhalo says:

    BTW, the new site seems to be a bit of a dud. Where are all of the insightful comment that I came to depend on? Do I need to subscribe to the “good” site? Or is calculated risk the new alternative? The comments here used to ROCK!

  10. wisedup says:

    The site is fine, its just the times. The cocky dudes full of cutting comments have been cut to pieces themselves. Why talk when there is no truth to be found anywhere.

  11. Mike in Nola says:

    The line is getting bigger.

    Interesting that Buffet was selling Home Depot today. May be an example of the earlier concern that asking for help shows a problem, though I expect Buffet didn’t need this as a red flag. I’m shocked he still had any.

  12. Virgil says:

    The way I found this site was by doing a search about a year ago for the exact phrase “The big picture.” In that vein I ask what is the big solution. Mike Whitney had an article at – that ended with the very declarative statement below which I tend to agree with. Personally, I have come to see the federal government as organized crime acting as overseers for the corporations as they enslave us all. I have no questions on that subject, but I do wonder what everyone thinks about this paragraph that some would say is reflected in the speech of Ron Paul. It is really a yes or no question- “Does the Federal Reserve have to be dismantled as part of the solution to establish economic stability.

    “The present financial crisis is a self-inflicted wound. It started at the Federal Reserve with their cynical neoliberal monetary policies. Any solution, that does not involve the dismantling of the Fed, is unacceptable”– Mike Whitney.

  13. AGG says:

    Suits and ties? Really, they should be dressed as queens.

  14. AGG says:

    Whitney is right but the Fed is just the tip of the iceberg. What we have is generational financial ossification through nepotistic, elitist, entrenched corruption. Schlerotic finance. The solution involves becoming a nation of laws. X is a crime. If X commits a crime, X goes to prison. We stopped being that way starting with LBJ. With Nixon it got worse. Ford was just a doorman but he made sur Bush got the CIA. Reagan-BushI-Clinton-BushII all increased the impunity. Now it’s rampant.

  15. coler says:

    AGG is right, unfortunately.

    Historically, the only way out of a hopelessly corrupted country is not bloodless, is not pretty, and is not quickly resolved. And very often, some form of deeply socialistic form of government replaces it first.

    A United States default is no longer on the horizon. It is rocketing toward reality so quickly that when it happens (and it will), it will probably take everyone by shocking surprise. Ironically, that may be what is necessary in order to “reboot” the system properly – after a lot of pain rumples the public sufficiently to cause a forceful replacement of corrupt politicians with more a righteous group.

    What we elected this month is no different (deep down) than the last crew. There are too many in power who have ties to big business, big government, and corruption in general. There were no good choices (and that’s the problem – the process does not encourage good choices, it encourages compliant choices).

  16. jakester says:

    unless there is a major tax refund made to US citizens, the 25 year credit bull will end in utter horror…

  17. DavidB says:

    This is somewhat of a test post:

    Can you believe we find ourselves here and apparently no one has done anything wrong so far? That is absolutely unbelieveable! How could that possibly be the case?

    What you are seeing is pure madness in real time. Those in power are in denial and bailing so fast to keep the boat from sinking they don’t have time to look at the big picture. The rest of us are seeing this slow motion car wreck and we don’t understand why this madness is happening. Most won’t act because the amount of energy that it will take to put a stop to it will take the average person out of their normal life and into a whole new life. They will have to enter a crusade in order to slay this rampaging dragon that is shredding America’s economic house.

    Most people don’t have the energy, time or freedom to go out and fight that battle. Patience is waning though and the anger is growing. Leadership better stop bailing and better start thinking about what the show looks like because pretty soon the little guy is going to want his cut. Based on the way that dragon has been gobbling things up, the little guy, who happens to be the biggest aggregate guy in the room, will have nothing to lose. That is when the madness will end