Exit Poll Vote by Income

Exit Poll Vote by “Top Issue”


Voters Cast Their Ballots With the Economy in Mind, Exit Polls Indicate


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4 Responses to “Exit Polls (by Issue, Income, Age, Race, Gender)”

  1. Its_Science says:

    I wonder how much Terrorism as the top issue has decreased since 2004…

  2. Jojo99 says:

    I would be curious to see the income data for those who voted McCain on the terrorism issue. I suspect that the numbers would be from the low income people, implying that lower income people are more susceptible to fear mongering.

  3. Blackhalo says:

    Hmm, I wonder what “terrorism,” could be a euphemism for…

  4. WaltFrench says:

    There must have been a lot of people whose “top issue” was terrorism, because he doesn’t get anywhere close to 47% without a commanding lead somewhere. Or perhaps, “No Comment” or “Decline to State” types, not shown, were all for McCain.

    Anyway, it’d be nice to see some two-dimensional sorts. Younger people and low-income types were big wins for Obama — would those majorities dominate the heavy pro-Obama vote by minorities, or the other way around?