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Marc Faber, managing director of Marc Faber Ltd. and publisher of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report,” and Charles Maxwell, an analyst for Weeden & Co., talk with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox in New York about the outlook for the U.S. economy and stock market, Federal Reserve monetary policy and commodity prices. (Source: Bloomberg)

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00:00 Faber: “oversold” stocks and “possible” rally
01:13 Faber: corporate bond market, defaults
04:24 Faber: “unusual” asset prices; auto industry
07:25 Faber: “L” shaped recession: recovery outlook
08:34 Faber: Fed policy, lending, commodities
10:31 Maxwell: oil prices, investment strategy
11:30 Faber: demand for commodities, exploration
13:17 Maxwell: “time lag” in energy prices
15:14 Guests: outlook for Dubai real estate


Faber Says Corporate Bonds `More Attractive’ Than Stocks: Video
Pimm Fox
Bloomberg, November 10, 2008 18:31 EST

Category: Economy, Fixed Income/Interest Rates, Trading, Video

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