This is a video of a new Ford plant in Brazil.

Butch writes in:

Pretty fascinating stuff. No wonder manufacturers want to leave the USA!. The UAW will not allow this to happen in the USA. One look at this and each of you will instantly be able to tell what is wrong with the manufacturing plants of the US car makers and why there will probably never be another one built in the US. It will also point out why more will go off shore.



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2 Responses to “Ford’s Most Advanced Assembly Plant (Rural Brazil)”

  1. mhm says:

    I’ve been to a modern VW plant and it has a similar level of automation. Very impressive when you see it live. The air is heavy with metallic fumes from the welding, and, to be honest, nobody should stay there working in shifts even if short ones.

    But the robot arms are moving at at least 2x the real speed. That is silly.

  2. bdg123 says:

    JIT is practiced in the US by American auto makers. And, the US auto makers equal the best of the Japanese in terms of hours to build a car. So, this is a little bit of propaganda that has such a marginal impact on the auto business that it’s basically irrelevant. And, there is a rationale behind why it isn’t done. Manufacturers aren’t leaving the US for any reason cited. And, it is really upsetting when misinformation is passed around like this.