Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google Inc., talks about his role as an adviser to President-elect Barack Obama, global advertising spending and the company’s decision to abandon its advertising partnership with Yahoo! Inc.

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00:00 Role as economic, energy adviser to Obama
03:46 Ad spending; abandoned Yahoo deal

Running time 07:47


Google’s Schmidt Sees Global Decline in Ad Spending: Video
Bloomberg, November 7, 2008 19:31 EST

Category: Economy, Video, Web/Tech

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3 Responses to “Google’s Schmidt Sees Global Decline in Ad Spending”

  1. jmborchers says:

    Google’ advertising only worked because the text links worked well in search engines. Basically, it tricked you into clicking on an ad.

    I had been fooled many times by it myself, but now I know to look for the AD mark in the blue box.

    Internet advertising is basically worthless.

  2. DP says:

    Google’s one-trick pony is losing it’s edge. They’ve been putting the screws on payouts to web-site owners for well over a year now, choking out the domain parking side of the business (however much you hate parked pages, they were profitable) and many site owners are already removing adsense. As the internet population matures in their browsing habits, they search less, they already know and bookmark their favorite sites.

    Google’s targetting algorithms are also garbage because they give website owners too little control over what kind of ads to serve, basing it entirely on content. If you get the RSS feed for this blog, you’ve already seen the garbage ads labeled “Do you hate Palin? Do you like Obama?” everytime Barry posts a political piece.

    Firefox is gaining market share still and the most popular Firefox add-on is the adwords blocker.

    They have thousands of engineers working on pet projects that will never generate a penny.

    Google’s actual search results are increasingly less relevant because they are gamed to the extreme. Try some examples, search for ‘online auction’ – ebay isn’t in the top 5. Try ‘books’ or ‘online books’, where’s amazon? Try ‘american cars’ – GM, Ford or Chrysler aren’t in the top 5. The search for ‘online broker’ doesn’t have Etrade, Ameritrade or Schwab on the first page. The ads are there of course, I mean the natural search results. Then there’s the infamous search for “used tampons” with an ad for who apparently can compare prices and get me the best deal. Garbage.

  3. wunsacon says:

    >> Internet advertising is basically worthless.

    Huh??? Hmm…. Now that you’ve made me think about it, I’ve never clicked on an ad on any search results page. Just once or twice on ads on Barry’s, Mish’s, or Yves’ blogs and that’s about it.

    Gee, maybe you’re on to something, JB. (But, I’m still in “denial” phase.)