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10 Responses to “You Are Here”

  1. DL says:

    Another Rorschach test?

  2. dead hobo says:

    Damn straight and I love it. I put some more spare change to work today and have a great plan for the rest of the year. God I love distressed hedge funds and the morons who run them. You skippy’s are made to order.

    How do you put your picture in the little box? I just had a new one taken and I look SHARP!

  3. Wow, I just made the comic my screen on the blackberry

  4. constantnormal says:

    It works very well (extremely well) with iPods and iPhones as well, and I’m sure the Google Android, too. The headline-only RSS-style feed is effectively perfect. You should be proud of the work your web-smiths have wrought.

  5. Mike in Nola says:


    A blackberry?

    I know you had some gripes about the iPhone, but didn’t think you had ditched it althogether. Don’t let the Obamazoid-like Fanboys find out or they’ll try to reconvert you. I wonder if it’s like Islam, where apostasy is worse than being an unbeliever from birth. But maybe they consider Blackberry users “people of the book” since it’s not MS based :)

  6. Pat G. says:

    The jobs picture was a loss of at least another 300K and GM, Ford, Chrysler or all three are about to implode. The DOW closed up 250 so what did I miss?

  7. Blackhalo says:

    “what did I miss?”

    BR’s call to move long?

    I am still perplexed by it myself. I am still looking for the technical or evidence to support it. I stand by my UYG puts and still believe the shitstorm in financials is not half over. I sure would like to see someone evaluate the details of the CDS the Fed is buying though. Looks like Bloomberg is looking into it…

  8. Steve Barry says:

    The move up today was on low volume…don’t try to figure it out…it is meaningless. Dow drop ped 1000 in 2 days, today light volume bounce of 250. Sets up a big leg down actually.

    Took out some Chinese food tonight..popular restaurant, affluent area, 6:30 PM…E-M-P-T-Y.

  9. DP says:

    I tried to pick up a nice cheap snack at Chipotle – left because the line was too long, go figure.

    Then again around here is within 1 mile of a college (UCF) and seems to have it’s own little sub-economy. I guess people used to living on next to nothing won’t be too affected when they have to get used to living on, well, next to nothing.