Hat tip The Mess That Greenspan Made

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2 Responses to “Attack of the invisible hand of the free market!”

  1. Bruce in Tn says:

    The last panel says it all “Stay Tuned for the Thrilling Conclusion”

    Well, someone else beat us to it…


    UPDATE 5-Ecuador defaults, says to fight “monster” creditors

    This may be our future, and maybe for our children and grandchildren….really. My problem is, although we see weekly and monthly estimates of the costs of these bailouts, and we are reassured that folks like AIG will pay the taxpayer back someday…when congress turns down more bailout money and the executive branch goes ahead with an end run and finds a way to grant it…HOW MUCH ARE WE AS TAXPAYERS GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR?

    This is a rhetorical question…but the government appears to be saying whatever we think we need to spend.

    I posted this old ex-senator yesterday (and lawyer and actor)…but his final bit of wit is exactly what bothers me….

    I feel like the guy in Tiffanys when the price tags are turned over…”If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.”…..


    Fred Thompson on the Economy

  2. NA1NSXR says:

    The hand is the cure, and the hand dictates an equal an opposite amount of pain. The hand is just.