Pretty insane stuff in Tennesse:

courtesy of NYT


Coal Ash Spill Revives Issue of Its Hazards
NYT, December 24, 2008

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6 Responses to “Coal Ash Sludge”

  1. dsimmons says:

    The spill has since been updated from 1.7 to 5.4 million cubic yards.

    Quotes like this typify the complete lack of social responsibility of an organization in the U.S.

    ““Most of that material is inert,” said Gilbert Francis Jr., a spokesman for the authority. “It does have some heavy metals within it, but it’s not toxic or anything.”’ drive me up the walls.

    I refuse to accept this kind of bullshit.

  2. Bill in SF says:

    Just heard this reported on NPR. The authorities said: You are in no danger as long as you do not eat the sludge.

    So… My mantra for 2009 is:


  3. I guess those Regulations did a lot of good…

    when are ‘spokespeep’ going to bear Personal liability for s*it they spew?

    on a related note, Gov’t directed, Taxpayer purchased, VNRs have announced that Mercury in vaccines is Good for you–contra to countless, continuing, PSAs warning against heavy Fish intake due to the cummulative toxicity of, saidsame, Mercury.

    As Murrow said: “Goodnight, and Good Luck~”

  4. Can’t the Fed solve this problem too?

    Maybe if they print enough money it will absorb the sludge

  5. Jim Letourneau says:

    Define insane…How does this compare to Three Mile Island?

  6. dunnage says:

    No need to define Insane, we’re talking tradition. Fly Ash is amazing in a cement mix — fine enough to fill spaces in concrete yielding density and strength. So the sludge must be amazing — give us wonderful new things if we just take the time to check it out. You know, like Defense Spending, things we would never thought of if we hadn’t a trillion $ to spend.

    Tradition: Bhopal, Agent Orange, Strip Mining, Nuke waste, Cluster Bombs. You know how they figured out how to get the lead out of gasoline? They discovered if you didn’t add any lead, it didn’t have lead content.

    Sludge Wrestling.