Great graphic !

I won’t link to the very strange article it comes from (it violates my  “No linking to shite policy”)but I liked the graphic above.

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4 Responses to “Culprits of the Financial Crisis”

  1. that’s a great starting point..

    a little simplistic though..

    People may do well to wonder what is ‘missing’..

    tho, just for my own sense, the ‘chick’ in ‘the Cartel’, is that Sallie “Paycheck” of Citi-fame?

    and, who’s the ‘dude’ at the far right of that group?

  2. Its a site that does a blame CRA for all of this — and doesn’t allow comemnts

  3. Moss says:

    Some representation of the regulators (Cox) is warranted along side easy Al.
    Also where are the rating agencies. Maybe need a additional level called criminals.

  4. mivey00 says:

    Is your “No linking to shite policy” conflicting with rule #1 of blog linking etiquette?