Prieur du Plessis sends along this humorous video:

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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9 Responses to “Go Elf Yourself”

  1. etcute says:

    *^^* Thanks.
    I wish you a merry cristmas!

  2. Strassertalk says:

    Barry, hysterical… we loved it. Need we say, ‘you are the master of dance!’

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. Mike in Nola says:

    Didn’t know you could dance that well, Barry. Very good job. Would seem to be incompatible with all those steaks :)

  4. Mike in Nola says:

    My wife loved it. I’m now threatening to humiliate her by sending out a family elf card.

  5. Winston Munn says:

    You looked a little flushed – Saturday Night Fever?

  6. bri says:

    this is amazing. of course, i ripped it straight away for my blog.

    merry christmas, congrats on a great year.

  7. Bob A says:

    cheers to you all

  8. Very funny Barry,

    Have a Merry Christmas even if you and your family don’t celebrate it. That goes for all the rebel forces on this blog too! Keep up the good fight for Truth and Justice. It is never in vain!

    Peace and Shalom to all. For, even though we tend to occasionally take a shotgun to our feet in this world, we are truly blessed with a great gift. May we all have the chance to sit back and realize it this season

  9. Pete says:

    Barry – You are truly a Mensch .