This bloody brilliant card is what a hedgie we know is sending out for Christmas:


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9 Responses to “A Hedge Fund Manager’s Holiday Card”

  1. Scott F says:


  2. going broke says:

    I’ll bet a dollar to a donut there was no check in the card, but the fund manager got his Holiday bonus… right?

  3. Gabriel says:

    Very Cool. :-)

  4. R. Timm says:

    Looks more like the housing market to me. The stock market is much lower in 2008 than 2004. Although I like the general idea.

  5. Good point — it should say 1998 – 2008!

  6. JohnnyVee says:

    Buy and hold is for suckers and the mantra preached to the masses.

  7. Best wall st. xmas bonus I ever got: A wonka bar.

    Back office ftw…

    (but at least it wasn’t quite as bad as the worst birthday present I got..)

  8. MikeG says:

    That graph looks like Southern California housing prices.

  9. Scott F says:

    This was mentioned on Fast Money last night

    At the 3:30 mark