Hedge Fund Regulation – More Perspective on Madoff’s Alleged $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme

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5 Responses to “Inside Look: Ponzi Scheme”

  1. John Borchers says:

    Cancelled my limit order and went short starting right now. IWM $55 Put Jan bought at $9.50 limit sell at $10.70 GTC.

  2. john haskell says:

    I advocate SEC registration and regulation of all Ponzi schemes.

    Next to be regulated is a Detroit-based Ponzi which has been promising “steady and safe” 10% returns to noteholders.

    When I asked how they made their money they said “we pay our workers $10 an hour more than the competition and sell our products for a $3,000 discount!”

  3. John Borchers says:

    P.S. There is already a scheme in the gov’t thats a Ponzi. It’s called the Fed – treasuries in printed money out.

  4. Texican says:

    Can somebody give me the symbol for Ponzi? Is it on the Big Board or OTC. I tried PONZ and PNZ. No luck. ;)

  5. ronin says:

    Funny, I thought the Federal Reserve was running the biggest Ponzi scheme on Earth. When is that little man behind the curtain finally going to be revealed???