You mean I have to review everything I’ve written in PDF format?

Holy cow — does this process ever end?


(Anyone want to see the full book jacket cover?)

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35 Responses to “PDF Proofs?”

  1. danm says:

    No Free Lunch!

  2. danm says:

    Or R U expecting a bailout? (lol)

  3. John Borchers says:

    Just tell them you did, lol, play dumb.

    Something I didn’t think of yesterday but GS said their loss was $2B right? But you need to account for the $10B injection. So Goldman’s loss was actually around $12B or more like $30 per share.

    Is the way I’m looking at this wrong?

  4. gli.liphon says:

    PDF: The bastardization of old world printing and the digital age. EMBRACE IT!

    Nice high quality pdf by the way, did they use a fax machine from 1998? ;)

  5. upstream says:

    Barry when are you going to release the book and where is going to be the autograph day?

  6. mlomker says:

    I guess someone forgot to decide if this will be an academic text or not. Citations? Who needs it. lol.

    Which reminds me, I hope I get to read this book on my Kindle.

  7. Rightline says:

    Forward the document to the SEC for appropriate comprehensive review and action.

    Is Kudlow paying you rotalty for using Bailout Nation every day or do you have to pay him advertising fees?

    just kidding, the end is near, maybe…..

  8. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Any word on a book tour t-shirt?

  9. Todd says:

    Any planned book tours and signings?

  10. pequinio says:

    by the way, who won the quotes contest to win a copy of your book?

  11. constantnormal says:

    Hire 3 undergrads (2 English majors and a business/finance major) to proofread the document, paying them $100 each with a bonus of a signed autographed copy of the book. Give them printed (atoms, not bits) copies of the PDF to proof from (if you want to be paranoid, make an intentional misspelling or alternative choice of wordings on some page deep into it, with different changes in each copy — that will serve as an identifying mark for future legal cation against pirates). Have them return the marked-up copies within 24 hours to collect their pay.

    Nothing beats having motivated independent reviewers.

    I suppose you could post it here and we would review it for you, matey! Arggh!

  12. constantnormal says:

    “cation” = “action” to beings with insufficient caffeine

  13. Greg Grillot says:

    Hey Barry, I can review your book for Whiskey & Gunpowder closer to the release date.

  14. constantnormal says:

    Surely some quotes are obvious enough that they do not require citations — just use: google “Allan Meltzer quotes ‘religion without sin’ ” as the footnote. Is the NYT crossword a viable citation source?

  15. Back in the days when skyscrapers had windows that opened …

    It’s a comedy book !!!

    I’m loving it already !!!

  16. Bob A says:

    this is kinda like a strip tease. . .
    when does the top come off?

  17. constantnormal says:

    And you thought you had finished the book!


  18. benesposito says:

    From what i can find, that cicero quote isn’t real.

    In an editorial on January 15, 1986, the _Kansas City Star_ quoted Cicero at length to bolster its own views about government spending. But the editor gave no source for his quotation and, when pressed to do so by skeptics, was unable to come up with any documentation. The Cicero statement sounds more like a disgruntled American critic of the welfare state than the Roman statesman.

    – Boller, Paul F., Jr. and John George. _They Never Said It: A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions._ New York: Barnes & Noble, 1989.

    Got this from:


    BR: That was the quote for the 1st chapter, and i didnt love it.

    Here’s what I substituted

    “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools”
    -Herbert Spencer, English philosopher

  19. dead hobo says:

    If it was reviewed in Word and it was OK, then if it is converted to a PDF, it is probably still ok. Unless, of course, you forgot to use a word processor and typed it out on a Selectric.

    Look af PDF Factory Pro from Fineprint. It cost a nominal amount and allows you to instantaneously look at the PDF file you just created. You output to it just like you would use a printer driver. I couldn’t imagine life without PDF Factory Pro or Fineprint. The latter is a product that is named after the company. It allows you to easily print in booklet form and other formats. These two programs are major reasons I have never switched to Linux. These run circles around Adobe Acrobat for basic pdf creation and only cost a fraction of Acrobat’s price.

    Or you can open up a good Chardonnay and say ‘screw it”.

  20. Ken says:

    John Borchers wrote: “Something I didn’t think of yesterday but GS said their loss was $2B right? But you need to account for the $10B injection. So Goldman’s loss was actually around $12B or more like $30 per share.”

    Well, that is an interesting puzzle, isn’t it? Because it depends, obviously, on whether the TARP funds were treated as a cash grant, a loan, a sale of securities, or any of a dozen other things; and on the exact conditions of the grant/loan/sale/whatever.

    As I recall, the Treasury and Fed have taken the position that it’s not the public’s business to know the conditions under which the funds are being disbursed. Perhaps the IRS, the SEC, or other agencies will have a different attitude. The GS shareholders certainly should – in fact, I would think the annual report and balance sheet would have to make prominent mention of the TARP funds.

  21. gnomic says:

    Having written a book, I will say the process does end, much the same way a kidney stone ends. You should have used fox news as your publisher – then you could make stuff up and no one challenges your “facts.”

    This is just the price you pay for beint intellectual rigourous and not morally bankrupt.

  22. AndrewBW says:

    One of my all time favorite New Yorker cartoons: A man is sitting stripped to the wait on a doctor’s exam table. The doctor says to him: “You have a novel in you. And I’m afraid it has to come out.”

  23. wnsrfr says:

    That’s not a “real” PDF–it’s just a bunch of scanned pages encapsulated as images in a PDF file–it is a nicer way than faxing your whole book to you, or maybe sending it by courier / fedex…

    I guess all the editing is old-fashioned, on paper…someday maybe when the touch / tablet input is more ubiquitous, you will be able to work on documents like this in a more electronic fashion…otherwise, I guess you just print any page you want to edit, and then FAX it back to them!

  24. asiankida says:

    book signings at Barnes and Noble and the Strand perhaps?

  25. wunsacon says:

    Barry, I’ll proofread your book…if you’re fishing for another set of eyes…

  26. AGG says:

    If you have some good optical character read software on your scanner, perhaps you could have someone scan hard copies of each page. This would take care of any gross errors (i.e. spelling) but I don’t think anyone has come up with context correction software. The best approach would be running the document through two types of software and compare the results. You still can’t get away from proofreaders, though. I’m sure it will work out. Good luck to you.

  27. jacobsk says:

    cicero said what:
    you may be be exaggerating barry.

  28. Tucker says:

    The book looks great Barry, can’t wait to read it. North Shore for sure!

  29. “cation” = “action” to beings with insufficient caffeine

    What, not a positively-charged ion? ;)

    I hadn’t seen so many margin comments since I was writing papers on the Roman Empire… *shudder* ;)

  30. zodiac says:

    I have read the few pages of the proof and look forward to reading the entire book, but, of course, I am an econogeek. There are a couple of fatal errors that must be addressed:
    1. There is no sex in the book (bad error)
    2. There is no wizard or pre-teen boarding school child mentored by that wizard (really bad error) — can someone from the Fed or Treasury even come close to being a wizard?

    Come early next year, I’m wondering how many people will forego an episode of Ameircan Idol to curl up with your masterpiece with embers in the fireplace and a favorite beverage, and read it into the wintry night. Sad to say, not many. All the best. z

  31. SINGER says:

    is that chicken scratch in the right hand margin necessary?

  32. covel says:

    The process of writing a book never ends. Wait for new editions, etc. etc.

  33. benesposito says:

    The new one is a great quote Barry, i look forward to reading your book! :)

  34. faulkner says:

    The public to a book author on completing the manuscript: “You must be so proud.”
    Book author to book author on completing the manuscript: “You must be so relieved.”
    All the best. I look forward to reading it sans the side notes.

  35. lburgler says: