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6 Responses to “Regulating After the Fact”

  1. Winston Munn says:

    I would rather have an honest attempt to regulate after the facts than continue with the current administration’s regulation OF the facts.

  2. Byno says:

    I came here looking for an amusing swipe at Ayn Rand and am leaving disappointed.

    ‘Regaulting’ seems like it could have great uses, though.

    *Oh snap* My dyslexia kicked out and I realized it’s actually re-gualt-ing. Well damnit, I can’t do anything with that!

  3. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    So we laugh, and say huh! it shall get better, only to realize history is nothing but a step equation.

  4. Tom K says:


    Would you be willing to debate Peter Wallison of AIE?

  5. Tom K says:


  6. Pat G. says:

    Regulation after the fact? No way. We’ve been here before. The lobbyists will convince the politicians that the financial system is much too fragile right now to enact stiffer regulations. That it would be better to wait until the economy has regained firmer footing. Of course by that time all will have been forgotten and no one will care. It’s like gas right now. When it was $5 a gallon in July demand dropped off, people were talking developing alternate forms of energy and lots of people were trading in their gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient vehicles. Now that its $2 a gallon all is clear, demand has picked up, people are saying why alfternate forms of energy when gas is so cheap and they’re buying SUVs again because there is such a discount on them. Americans are pathetic and blow in the direction that the wind takes them. Besides, there were regulations on the books which would have largely prevented this crisis from growing to what it is today to begin with. THEY WERE NOT ENFORCED. Therein lies the problem. Treat the cause not the symptom.