How can you not love this cartoon?

John Sherffius is the creator of this. If anyone knows how to get a hold of him (I already tried the online email) I would love to get permission to use a few of his cartoons for the book.

John, please try to contact me!

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20 Responses to “Socialism for the Rich”

  1. I’m not exactly sure why, though, Mr. Monopoly is, truly, Iconic.

    This manifestation, of him, deserves to be an Instant Classic.

  2. buzzp says:

    BR – he’s at the Boulder Daily Camera, and his rep is Creators’ Syndicate – back when, I did a TV deal with them for one of their strips, and they were reasonable, but that was 10+ yrs ago

  3. I put in a regular request through their syndicate, but havent heard back

    I am on a tight deadline, and wanted to tag John directly . . .

  4. buzzp says:

    did you try ?


    BR: Thats the ticket

  5. buzzp says:

    Or try Jill Stravolemos at the Daily Camera – she’s VP Marketing – promise her a nice x-promo credit for the paper in your book –

    good luck!

  6. Tom K says:

    So easily humored by contrived slogans.
    Capitalism for the rest? Do you really believe such nonsense?

  7. Mannwich says:

    @Tom K: Yes, we do. You don’t?

  8. Tom,

    no, not really, but the Art is hiliarous.

    past that, you’re correct, it’s, what’s left of, the Middle Class that’s facing the pincers..Upper & Lower are, already, negative “Taxpayors”..

  9. Mannwich says:

    I think the reason that art is often funny is that there is SOME truth to it, no? Of course it’s not to be taken entirely seriously. It’s meant to be funny…….

  10. Mannwich,

    Of course, but he, Tom, was being technical, and there’s room for that, too.

    I still think it’s hiliarous..

  11. Mannwich says:

    Agreed but let’s not get overly technical (or technical at all) about a cartoon. It’s meant to lighten things up a bit.

  12. wunsacon says:

    Don’t look now. But, I just defaulted on my Park Place mortgage and Hank Paulson bought it from me.


    Next: offload Marvin Gardens and then downsize my living space into Baltic Avenue.

  13. bri says:

    um. . . what’s not true about it, technical or otherwise?

    it’s perfect, i snagged it for my blog as well, of course with the hat tip/ credit to you and John.


  14. DL says:

    Donald Trump needs a bailout. The stock price of his company, TRMP, is down about 90% over the last year.

  15. Mannwich says:

    On the topic of Trump, I may be mistaken but I believe that newfangled tower of his in Chicago (made famous or infamous by it’s airing on “The Apprentice” in the early stages of construction) is in jeopardy as well, is it not? Think he’s suing his creditors to extend/re-work the terms of the loan.

  16. constantnormal says:

    Any lack of response from the artist is most likely due to his being engaged with Parker Brothers’ IP lawyers …

    … although I think that there is some sort of exemption for purposes of comic parody … but IANAL.

  17. ReturnFreeRisk says:

    To be a contrarian – I do not agree with the socialism for the rich argument.

    Who is winning – people who could not afford the homes they bought, the cars and flat panels they bought with home equity loans and are now being bailed out.

    Who is losing – any one who saved and invested in risky assets – the destruction of wealth has been unprecedented and complete. all lenders, really.

    how is this socialism for the rich?

  18. Simon says:

    The eyes look so much like Tintin.

  19. constantnormal says:

    Funniest headline all day:

    Paulson Says Treasury Efforts Needed to ‘Preserve’ Free Markets

  20. Marcus says:

    The editorial cartoonists web site has a profile and direct email contact for John R Sherffius. lists his address in Littleton Colorado for a mail request.
    John R Sherffius
    Littleton CO