I believe this was from a German magazine — the grammar isn’t quite right . . .

Hat tip Gretz from Switzerland

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3 Responses to “Uncle Sam Wants You . . .”

  1. constantnormal says:

    I look for the issuance of “War bonds” — to help fight the war on debt — any day now.

  2. dsimmons says:

    The original poster said, “I WANT YOU for U.S. Army”. Those crazy Germans may have some wild ideas, but I think they actually got the verbage correct by getting their idea across and staying with the history.

    They want us to stop the financial crisis just like we wanted us (ourselves) for US ARMY.

  3. Greg0658 says:

    dsimmons – I was thinking along that line myself

    Madison Ave and the other “catch your attention industries” are in a realm of being outrageous or funny (unrelated ridiculous sometimes) to capture our attention – its what the MSM picks up on usually – it new and edgy – it hip to be bad

    whats next bothers me – beyond utilmate fighter – live war – blurred playboy bunny privates – Hannity / Combs and Rush – fire and brimstone religion for being ____