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UPDATED: Worst Predictions for 2008

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On December 31, 2008 @ 10:30 am In Financial Press,Markets,Psychology,Really, really bad calls | Comments Disabled

Special Schadenfreude edition: In case you missed it, here is our updated collections of the worst predictions for how 2008 would turn out:

The 10 Worst Predictions for 2008 [1] (Foreign Policy)

The Worst Predictions About 2008 [2] (Businessweek)

2008 Investment Guides Are HILARIOUS [3] (New York Magazine)

Famous Last Words [4] (CNBC)

The worst media calls of 2008 [5] (Kiplingers)

Dropping the (crystal) ball: This crisis duped executives and regulators [6] (LA Times)

10 Predictions’ for 2008: BlackRock’s Bob Dol [7]l  (Reuters)

Jim Cramer’s Predictions for 2008 [8] (Covel)

Those two above have been cited all over the web. Here are a few others worth mentioning (did I miss any?)

How wrong they were [9] (Salon)

The web’s worst predictions [10] (Daily Mail UK)

Worst Tech Predictions of 2008 [11] (C/NET)
(See also: Top 10 worst tech predictions of all time [12])

• Global Insight: 2008 Forecasts Reviewed [13] (PDF)

• The Most Inane Punditry of the 2008 presidential campaign [14] (Media Matters)

Not predictions, but real time errors in assigning  casting, via MarketBeat:

2008 Lookback: The Blame Game [15]

Bonus! Not a forecaster, but the person who consistently gets the present wrong:

Media Matters’ 2008 Misinformer of the Year [16]


The Folly of Forecasting [17]
RealMoney.com Contributor
6/7/2005 1:05 PM EDT


Worst Calls of 2008 [18] (November 2008)


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