Watch the white box in the middle left portion of the screen. (Starting at 2:00 minute mark)

US Airways flight 1549 crashes in Hudson Bay NY. The flight plan was from LaGuardia to Charlotte. All passengers survived. The plane was a Airbus A320. Both engines were reportively sucked multiple birds possibly geese and both engines caught on fire. The pilot decided to do a water landing

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16 Responses to “Actual Footage: US Airways Flight 1549 Landing in Hudson”

  1. Transor Z says:

    CNN has a beautiful shot of the plane coming in, right to left. That pilot is the balls.


    BR: Cool –I’ll add that

  2. Mannwich says:


  3. TripleB says:

    A few things strike me in watching this video –

    The speed of the current – the plane in the water is moving south at an amazing clip!

    The masterful work done by the ferry boats in both their approach to the jet and rescuing people.

    Every second feels like an eternity. Even when you know the ending there’s an incredible feeling of suspense/tension.

  4. formershrink says:

    Yes, amazing footage.

    I like your blog and apologize for being a tiresome stickler, but:

    1) Hudson Bay is in Canada. The plane landed in the Hudson River. See:

    2) Please proofread a little: “Both engines were reportively sucked multiple birds possibly geese and both engines caught on fire.” That’s embarrassing. Did Babel Fish translate this from Chinese?

  5. Jojo99 says:

    Nice! Wonder if these guys got paid for the video’s?

  6. Bruce in Tn says:

    The crew has most of the people out in 50 seconds…amazing.

    I am not a pilot, but thought when I finished graduate school that I wanted to be…back then you had to have 40 hours of credit, and I took about 20, never found the thrill, and told my flight instructor that I just didn’t think I wanted to finish it…frankly it was a little boring…HOWEVER,

    I think I aged her 20 years…all I remember about it now was boring flying in the air, and on landings she would shout,” YOU ARE LANDING CROOKED!” and I would bring the nose up and go around again, and she’d scream the same thing…God some women just can’t take a joke…

    (True story)

  7. Groty says:

    In the life is stranger than fiction category:

    Who would have ever thought they’d see a plane with 150 people standing on its wings float down a river?

    Or that the first people to be rescued would be safely on a ferry in less than 5 minutes after the initial impact?

    1 in a gazillion chance.

  8. Byno says:

    The more see the video for this, the more I want to buy the flight crew a fifth of Johnny Walker Blue Label. Each. It’s not just that they landed a falling 200 ton brick (which, unfortunately, is what planes approximately turn into with engine loss), but that they landed a falling 200 ton brick as if they were lining it up on the runway with a touchdown you’d barely notice on asphalt.

    Having done LGA to CLT *once or twice,* and knowing how intense the windshear can be on days when flocks of geese aren’t cross the tarmac on takeoff, this is epic.

  9. Winston Munn says:

    Our government needs to watch this – how to save everyone from a crash without a single bailout. It from the footage the key is liquidity.

  10. emmanuel117 says:

    The pilots and the designers of the aircraft are owed some beers and a raise.

  11. Space_Cowboy_NW says:

    Viewed from a bizjet driver perspective, the Capt & 1st officer did EVERYTHING right and having a VFR (clear) day with no storms or chops on the Hudson was all good.

    ATC had vectored them to Teterboro, but he was too low & too slow and knew better (having his glider rating) to stretch his glideslope so he set everything up (in a limited amt of time) to his advantage.

    When all is going wrong, ones job (driving) is to sacrifice the aircraft for the passengers survival, sadly many pilots acheive the ‘snatching defeat from the jaws of victory’ by trying to a) turn back or b)stretch the glide (trading altitude for distance) which is a loosing proposal. Usual outcome is a stall whereby a/c rolls over and into the ground. Very bad day!

    Btw the 1st office had 35hrs in type (320) as was at the controls on the climbout…..what a logbook entry! “…was on climbout when encountered massive bird strike which disabled both engines.
    Landed a/c in Hudson river, all passengers & crew evac, a/c sank.”

    Just a (professional) guess, but I would say that each pilot aged about 10 years during the landing/evacuation.

    I’d venture to say that God’s handiwork was all over this one, given the multiple of variables that could have been adverse.

    As always, your mileage may vary……..

  12. Those were apparently Canadian geese so it is time for another of those blame Canada rants

    It seems the geese are not so polite. They won’t even yield to a jet. Tough hockey players, tough geese. Is Obama sure he wants to visit Canada after the inauguration? I guess he better if he doesn’t want a visit from some geese

  13. DP says:

    @Winston Munn: You have this all backwards, the victims of the crash never get a bailout, only those who cause it. The GRAB (Geese Recovery And Burial) program will be presented to Congress on Tuesday.

  14. You have this all backwards, the victims of the crash never get a bailout, only those who cause it. The GRAB (Geese Recovery And Burial) program will be presented to Congress on Tuesday.

    I suppose that is to be expected from a lame duck president :mrgreen: <—–(upgrades :twisted: )

  15. I’m wondering if it wasn’t the president’s lame duck approval ratings that weren’t sucked into those engines…..they could pretty much take anybody down

  16. Imelda Blahnik says:

    In addition to all the well-deserved praise for the pilot and crew, it must be said: New York City rocks.