This morning, I caught the Shrill Blond Harpy on CBS.

I have no patience for her absurdities, and I won’t mention her book by name.

However, I will reference this not-safe-for-work blog posts, which I find to be utterly hysterical:


Back in Ann Coulter’s Ass-Saddle Again

Enjoy them at your leisure . . .

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41 Responses to “Ann Coulter’s New Book”

  1. vic says:

    Yes, Coulter is a neocon ass, but all this post does is embarrass you, not her.

  2. geckoman says:

    It’s too bad Barry but it’s possible you may have jumped the Shark. I used to love your stuff, couldn’t get enough of it.

    I started to get turned off around the time you were ready to roll out your new fancy new blog site. and the posts revolving around it Yeah t’s cool but it screams ego and reminds me too much of wall street greed.

    Now really I could get past all that but what’s happened to you lately? I tune in and have to ask myself if Arriana Huffington is guest blogging for you. I don’t get it. I almost wonder if yor starving for more readers and have resorted to polarizing politics.

    Hey it’s your blog but I think you better ask some of your close friends if some of recent work might be dulling your image some.


    BR: So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  3. swilber1579 says:

    Uptight crowd tonight… those links were hilarious

  4. drtomaso says:

    Jeebus tap-dancing christ people- its a post on a blog. If you don’t care for it, skip to the next.

    Barry- thanks for posting this. I laughed til I hurt reading the linked posts, and since they are dated 2005, I went 3 years without finding these comedic-erotic gems.

    As for Barry’s work dulling his image- he has a long way to go before his image is sullied in this reader’s eye. I came to this blog when I took my first job in IT on wall street, having never taken so much as a high school economics class. Everything I know about, and my continually growing interest in, all things market related I owe to this blog (and a handful of others).

  5. Ilmater says:

    Anyone complaining about this obviously has no idea who Ann Coulter is or what she stands for. The only thing more important to note about her than the fact that every word out of her mouth is hate is the fact that it’s humanly impossible for anyone in the world to be as close-minded, hate-filled, and ignorant as she claims to be.

    In other words, she’s an utter fraud. She’s as fake as as my 14″ penis. The entire thing HAS to be a show. Nobody could possibly think what she claims to think. Nobody. And the fact that her entire life revolves around a show she puts on to profit from people that are actually stupid and blind enough to listen to what she says makes her – and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest – the most despicable human being in the entire free world (people like Ahmadinejad and Putin don’t count in this list). Unlike a killer or a rapist, she can control what comes out of her mouth but she chooses to consistently say the most horrible thing she can think of.

  6. ByteMe says:

    Best line in the first one: “Thanks for not staring at my adam’s apple.”

  7. Texican says:

    I have no patience for Coulter’s absurdities either, but I have even less patience when people who think they’re above all that manage to prove that they aren’t

    Very sophomoric, Ritholtz. Grow the fuck up, please.

    It’s okay if you ban me. I’m gone.


    BR: I love the contradictions inherent in your comment.

    (And I only ban trolls, not merely people who disagree with me)

  8. Gabriel says:

    Whew! That was goddamn funny. :-)
    Reminds me of my trips to Bangkok, how you’ve got to keep an eye on their adam’s apple all the time. ;-)

  9. Liz Tool says:

    Oh my…you have upset some people….This isn’t Fusion and you are not running for office. I bought Sirius just to listen to Howard Stern who is very funny and sometimes very offensive. When I am offended I just switch channels for awhile and when I read your post I just stopped reading it when it got to graphic.

    Everyone has their own comfort levels and that is the wonderful thing about being an adult you can read watch and listen to what you want. ( By the way it probably wasn’t as bad as the beer commercial you have posted on Essays & Effluvia which offended me greatly but I made my brother watch it because I knew he would think it was funny!!)

    Just don’t post anything about children or your dog and don’t beat up on your wife.

    Not sure about Geckoman …let’s see you have a wife, dog, your own company to run, 3 blogs, a book that is being published, give lectures, answer e-mails from your readers…appear on t.v. and I bet you are like the doctor/lawyer of the family who has to answer every ones financial questions. Who knows what else you accomplished this year. I have the impression that you have a healthy ego accompanied by healthy, honest compassion for those around you.

    Thank You for keeping us all enlightened and entertained.

  10. Mike in Nola says:

    I’m not insulted or anything. I agree with others that we’re adults and skip it if we don’t like it. Think the linked pages are mildly funny, with a few good lines. Much prefer the World War Z scene where Bill Maher and Coulter are going at it.

  11. Bob A says:


  12. Bob A says:

    that woman is subhuman slime that could probably only be killed with a wooden stake through the heart.

    why don’t the really bad things that happen to people every day happen to people like her that really deserve them…

  13. Paleo Pat says:

    Ha! We must be on the same wave length. :D

    It’s over on my blog. check it out.


  14. ottnott says:

    The complainers apparently didn’t notice that the bawdy blog posts were a (funnier) parody of Coulter’s own work.

    Sure, the blogger made the parody much more decent than Coulter’s original work by portraying an adversary as a slut rather than portraying adversaries as treasonous hippies who deserve to be slaughtered by terrorists, but the resemblance was clear enough.

  15. deanscamaro says:

    I probably dislike Ann Coulter as much as you, but I can’t say this is really something I come back to your blog for. Stick to the financial world. She isn’t worth even mentioning in any context.

  16. Dan Duncan says:

    Interesting post, Barry. Could you be any more of a frat boy? What’s next—are you gonna regale us with some CRAZY keggar stories?!?! “Dude, you are sooo over the top!”

    I read the story. He’s a funny writer—but it got old after the tongue in anus part.

    As I’m reading this…I couldn’t help but to think…”OK, I get the author’s gig. Satire, etc., etc…But what about the people–like Barry—who take certain giggling, vicarious pleasure in reading about a dude who doesn’t like the politics of a chick….so he fucks her in the ass….hard? [I know I should be more discrete and turn fuck into “F&^%*”…but it’s a little late for discretion, isn’t it?}

    I wouldn’t consider your posting of this link to be as lame as it is—if it weren’t for the fact that reading the Comments Section of your blog is like entering a gay porn portal (not that I’ve been..and not that there’s anything wrong with those who have….).

    [I get such a kick out of some of these dorks writing in on a regular basis…”Oh, Barry! Your service to humanity is so appreciated! [An actual quote!} If it weren't for BR, we'd all be blind!"]

    It’s kind of a wierd gig you got goin’ here…

    Write your posts. Revel in self congratulation….and like an inquisitive little dude just entering puberty….you-just-can’t quite-self-administer-the-blow-job….so you go to your “Comments” Section and get fellated there.

    Then…after achieving satisfaction from the masterbatory/fellatio disguised as “Comment”…from those who agree with you….you go into the backpages of BigPicture and post a link from a dude who goes about his politics a little more “aggressively”—and you share with us your vicarious pleasure— of this dude who gets his Satisfaction by hittin’ the ass of someone with whom he disagrees with…and hittin’ it hard….

    And all the while, you’re giving us top notch investment advice…as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer….uhr…”respected financial blogger”!

  17. Dude, you are over-thinking it.

    She is a miserable hate filled harpy.

    This guy returns the favor, and does so in a way that is hilarious.

    End of story! No reason to make this any more complex than that

  18. DP says:

    Good luck finding a blog or publication where you agree with every article/post and nothing ever offends you. If you happen to write a blog of your own, you have at least one I suppose.

    It was funny. It was satire. I liked it. If I hadn’t I’d have moved on to the next article.

    If you feel the overall value of TBP is no longer worth your time to read then by all means, stop doing it, but if you’re going to leave in protest over a single article that is just, well, silly.

  19. doug says:

    Great posts. I will not miss the folks who didn’t think so(after reading every word…mmmm). Thanks Barry.

  20. Younds, talk about your High-Grade “Ink Blots”

    tooo bad the on/off-switch has been banned..O, wtf? it hasn’t been?

    past any of that, this: Dan Duncan Says:

    makes me want to page Dr. Freud to the White Courtesy Phone..


  21. MorticiaA says:

    I agree entirely with Ilmater… she cannot possibly be as hate-filled as she acts, and I mean “act,” as in performance. I’ve realized that for a long time. My biggest hope for her is that karma will bitch right back at her one day.

    BR: it’s your blog and I read it daily for POV, served with side dishes of humor; sometimes I like the posts, sometimes I don’t. Life goes on.

  22. JFinDallas says:

    What I really don’t understand is why people still bother inviting her on shows.
    Are there any people left that care about what she has to say ? Is anybody still interested in watching her vomit her ignorance and hateful stupidity on TV sets ?

  23. krice2001 says:

    So, the links may have been a small departure from the norm. S B Harpy somehow seems deserving of that treatment. Couldn’t help reading the links and enjoying them. I agree with an earlier poster that as vile as she seems to be, there must be some fake theatrics to it all as it seems almost impossible that someone can actually be that vile and hateful all the time. But… then again…

  24. mudpuppy says:

    I amazed that she can write.

  25. Tom K says:

    That was about as funny and well-written as Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto.

  26. Robert says:

    Please Barry, enlighten us on her absurdities. What you really mean is your arguments are weak and can’t stand up to anything she says. You and your lemmings wax on about hate and shrill and then you link a vulgar, braindead blog and call it “hysterical”. I’ve come to realize that you claim to be a libertarian, against partisanship, and anybody thinking they know the answers….while you are an arrogant, elitist, smartass liberal. Fuck you and your site. I’m done here.

  27. Manhattan Jewess says:

    Robert and the rest of the doubters. See this:

  28. Darrell says:

    Thanks Barry. That was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long, long time! I had no idea there were so many potent euphemisms for the ol’ beaver cleaver:)

    Looks like you need to post something like this every now and then to thin the herd. Turns out you have some readers here who take themselves WAY too seriously.

  29. JohnnyVee says:

    I could not agree with you more. I can’t stand that giraffe-neck eye-rolling hack.

  30. fitnfun says:

    Barry, you re classless! I may disagree with Ann Coulter on several issues but your links only demonstrate how much class and manners you lack. I m done with your site and more important your media appearances, what a shame. From now on my favorite sites will be “” and Carpe Diem. I m signing my comment, are you going to post any offensive links for me too?Or insult me and then ban me?

    Alex Palantzas

  31. mudpuppy says:

    You say you may disagree with AC on several issues. What could you possible agree with her on?
    She is simply put a liar. She makes stuff up.
    I did not find the piece amusing, but I believe her gross misrepresentations and of the truth is even more classless and lacking in manners. Thus she elicits the kind of response that this piece is. Are you appalled by her statements? You should be.

  32. R.D. says:

    HILLARYous!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  33. Brad says:

    Witch pokes fun at various political figures, makes money with absurd and sometimes rude or grossly inaccurate comments, on the side. Entertains ultra-right talking TV and radio hosts, some of which are comic harbingers in their own right.

    Poke fun at witch and make it as absurd as she is, no problem, she has tough skin and can take it. But if there is any hint of rude inaccuracy aimed at the witch, her right-talking harbingers come from the north in defense of their witch.

    These pieces were over the top absurd. If you cannot laugh at the absurd (which is Coulter’s shtick and trade), you should not be reading the news at all, say nothing of a blog observing economic events of the last 2-3 years.

    See comic strip figures in defense of their witch. They will be back here next month reading your blog BR. Not because it is one of the best in the country, but rather because, deep down inside, they are hungry assholes.

  34. Brad says:

    “…like a puma recognizes an injured giselle. For Ann Coulter is a predator….” This was some of the funniest absurdity I was surprised with, in a long time.

    Cheers to writer Bachem Macuno, wish we knew who he/she was. Ann says some absurd stuff that also throws me off or causes me to drop my coffee cup. But Macuno has dished up the absurd with better pace or tempo than she could ever hope to dial in.

    This was a work of literary art @ absurdity. In high style, she has had that coming for some time.

  35. Brad says:

    “‘See this?’ I nodded eagerly. ‘I want you to wreck it.’ I have not spit out my milk so far and laughed so hard since I had to cover my mouth, when Abigail Cohen unexpectedly passed gas in grade school. She was trying to mimic a perpetual bull. When she bent over, long wind escaped so loud every kid in the class and even the teacher had to cover their mouth from being embarrassed for her and laughing. You would have too, had you seen the expression on her face. Ever since then, she has remained a perpetual bull and has never shrugged off the nickname.

    I know some attribute the nickname to other reasons, but it all goes back to 2nd grade during one of our structured milk breaks.

  36. Frank A. says:


    As we used say in the schoolyard back in the day….. “Not even with your dick, pal!”.

  37. boatman2 says:

    I saw Ann Coulter on tv recently. Her voice sounds like Miss Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies. How did she ever get an audience for anything she has to say?

  38. arlin says:

    I like Ann Coulter.

  39. islander says:

    BR has the taste of a public toilet: anything goes down.

    There, I have descended to level of your post; it does not feel good and I hope you rethink this kind of personal attack on what was at one time a fair comment board on the markets, or is that gone with the election that has consequences?

    Get well if you want to.

  40. bcasey says:

    Well I thought that was hilarious, lots of sour grapes in the commments here though. Is it because they’re prudes, or republicans, or both? Republicans really are a bunch of sore losers. After 8 years of their BS you’d think they could gracefully step aside when the Dems decide to run roughshod all over their carefully laid plans of megalomania.

  41. ocean65 says:

    I am sorry to say that I found it seriously funny – any chance of getting the guy to do a 2009 update?