Lending Drops at Big U.S. Banks
WSJ, JANUARY 26, 2009


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2 Responses to “Bank Lending Drops”

  1. Bruce N Tennessee says:

    and why wouldn’t a prudent banker just be biding his time here? Things are unstable..


    Caterpillar to cut 5,000 more workers

    Conventional wisdom says that unemployment is a lagging indicator..ok…but if you were a banker who was involved with CAT, what do you think today? They’ve already promised 15k layoffs in December, and now just one MONTH later, they add another 5k??

    If you are a banker, what are your thoughts about whether CAT has any reasonable vision for this year’s business environment?

    Pfizer will cut Wyeth staff, Sprint announces another 8k, (the job cuts announced today were brutal, by the way)…

    The economic environment hasn’t stabilized, and if it hasn’t, why should bankers become more aggressive lending? Which players are the best financial risks? Why has Rod Serling taken over the US?

  2. dunnage says:

    I would not lend, you would not lend. They will not lend. Talking Investment Banks.

    Reserves, deposits and big pay is all they want today. How many articles quoting Japanese economists saying that Cash gifts and Quant easing do not stimulate the economy and do not cause banks to lend. Years of such, as evidenced, won’t work.

    So what’s to talk about? What perturbs me is to listen to simians explain that their are no solid loan opportunities. Or for that matter my Banking Geithner, Jamie Dimon explain the extensiveness or as I like to say to give the word some fiduciary feeling, extensivity of ole JP’s loan action.