That’s what you get when you merge Citigroup and Morgan Stanley . . .


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26 Responses to “Citi-Morg”

  1. Its bouncing around trading desks today . . .

  2. DL says:

    Morgue city.

  3. Mannwich says:

    That is fantastic.

  4. Mannwich says:

    This is playing out just like I thought it would. Reality slowly sinking in. Not always right but this time I think I am. Look out below.

  5. ware says:

    You too could work in citistan — or as everyone calls it “shittystan”?

  6. GloomBoom says:

    What do you get if you cross Goldman Sachs with Citigroup?

    Sachs and the citi.

  7. if anyone wants to see, in crystallized form, the Nature of our, current, “FinServ”-Industry, they should check out: http://www.icerocket.com/search?tab=web&fr=h&q=primerica+financial+services

    I’ve always found it interesting that this subsidiary of C, Primerica Financial Services, never received that much “Play” in the MSM..

    A greater collection of sociopaths would be difficult to find..

    Of course, there Are some in the FinServInd that do provide a tremendous service, they, sadly, though, are few, and far between..

  8. DL says:

    GloomBoom @ 3:20

    Thank you, Jay Leno.

  9. gnomic says:

    By any name, this rose would stink.

  10. Moss says:

    I wonder what the new logo will be?

  11. Lars39 says:

    Citi-Morgue. Do we get an autopsy?

  12. Gabriel says:

    Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley are merging, so I think they’ll call it:

  13. Mannwich says:

    Alcoa reported brutal earnings just now. The bottom must be in.

  14. mknowles says:

    That’s where old CEOs, old BANKS, old IVY-LEAGUERS go for their autopsies… (sorry if you’re an ivy-leaguer with ethics, I exclude you.) We should make it a museum – Citi-Morg Financial Modernization Museum – so we never forget, like the holocaust… I’m serious. We could have portraits of all the Masters of the Universe and so on. This could actually be fun…

  15. mknowles says:

    Oh, forgot to add my mantra: GOLDMAN SACKS-USA

  16. DL says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Citi is going to get YET ANOTHER (goddamn) bailout. The stock price is getting near $5 again, they’re selling off part of the brokerage division, and Rubin is getting the boot. Signs that it could happen.

  17. constantnormal says:

    @ DL — remember, Obama is the president of HOPE — I just HOPE that we finally take Citigroup out behind the Fed and put it down. Either that, or dismember it in plain sight.

  18. constantnormal says:

    I woulda ended the previous post with an emoticon for a cynical smirk, but I don’t know what that one would be.

  19. TrickStyle says:

    @Mannwich: I think we’re going to see a pop when Obama takes office. Not fundamentally based, but a pop, nonetheless. The current S&P forecasts are cut in half, to 42.26. Are you betting that’s optimistic?

  20. Mannwich says:

    @TrickStyle: I agree that we could get another decent rally in the coming weeks but any stimulus will then be baked into the markets because it’s become a fait accompli. Once reality hits that things won’t likely get any better, and in fact will get much worse in the next 6-9 months, we’re testing those prior lows and probably breaching them.

    I think 42.26 for S&P is getting closer to reality, which will be more like around 35-38 or even a bit lower when all is said and done.

  21. AndrewShaw says:

    Macke on Fast Money tonite: compared either Citi or MS to a moldy couch with crabs that you leave out on the curb. Too funny, I hope he gets to keep his job.

  22. “Citi-Morg”


    Where your money goes to die.

    Macke on Fast Money tonite: compared either Citi or MS to a moldy couch with crabs that you leave out on the curb.

    And he has experience with this how? ;)

  23. BrianSJ says:

    Lars 39
    Autopsy could be the new computerized behavioural investing. Auto-psy. Sorry, still waking up

  24. Jeroen says:

    A classic case of Rigor MorCiti …

  25. Drewbie says:

    Interestingly (or not) citigroup appears to have owned citimorg.com since 2005.

    It’s like this whole sh!tpile was planned well in advance.

  26. TrickStyle says:

    @Mannwich – Oddly, Roubini’s blog has earnings at 50 to 60. Interesting.