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29 Responses to “Dr. Paulson’s Bailout Prescription”

  1. dead hobo says:


  2. TPC says:

    More anti government intervention here by Marc Faber. You’ve probably seen the interview already, but its a great one in case you haven’t….

    He lays out a pretty practical argument against all forms of intervention. Enjoy. It’s one of his best interviews in a while.

  3. mark mchugh says:

    I needed that laugh. I think I laughed even harder at Dead Hobo.

  4. TPC says:

    @ dead hobo:

    You won’t even need a prescription to get a refill on these meds. They’ll start falling from the sky pretty soon.

  5. constantnormal says:

    I thought the instructions were a bit lacking, shouldn’t there be something about applying as suppositories, “once every ninety days until the patient either recovers or you can’t stand the smell of the rotting corpse”?

    Luckily $700B is likely to get a bit cheaper as the generics are introduced. It will still be $700B, but they’ll be made in China, and the more they make the smaller the dollars will become.

  6. VennData says:

    “Here… here take these, Man…”


    “Wait a sec, don’t take those…”

    “What are you talking about I just took them?!”

    “Oh wooowww… Are you busy for like a week?”

  7. Steve Barry says:

    Market Update:

    29th straight trading day QQQQ volume at or below 100 day MA

    NYSE Bulls has risen 53% in 3 months, almost double the fastest rise (28% in 3 months) since at least 2003.

    10 and 21 day MA on put/call hovering at almost 3 year lows

  8. Bruce in Tn says:

    Well, we said companies would begin the real layoffs after the Christmas holiday…I am sure most all of you have seen this already.

    Alcoa to cut 13 pct of work force.

  9. trackerman says:

    Is DEAD HOBO really CINEFOZ?

  10. DL says:

    Dr. Paulson’s Bailout Prescription… no longer.

    It’s Obama’s now.

    And he’s probably not going to talk about it until after he gets his $750T.

  11. larster says:

    How can you stabilize home prices, when companies the size of Alcoa are dumping 13% of their workforce? The only question you have as an employee, is am I next.

  12. DL says:

    S.B. @ 5:50

    There also appears to be a divergence (since late November) between the price of QQQQ, and the associated “on balance volume” parameter.

  13. Steve Barry says:


    Sure…because volume is pathetic when the market rises, strong when it tanks…this is the sign of weak internals and distribution of stock to the sheeple.

  14. wunsacon says:

    “If your asset prices grow uncontrollably for 4 or more years, see a central banker.”

  15. Steve Barry says:

    Kudlow: Normally I don’t care about deficits…but now I might

    Translation: When a Republican is in the White House, I don’t care about deficits and believe in Goldilocks…now that a Democrat is there, deficits matter and Goldilocks was arrested in a prostitution ring.

  16. Steve Barry says:

    Kudlow: And my lapdog Bowyer is on message too.

  17. wunsacon says:

    “I’m afraid Dr. Paulson picked up the preparation that must be administered rectally.”

  18. Steve Barry says:


  19. DP says:

    The people losing their jobs this year will be lucky to be able to get a prescription for anything. That’s what we need, a good old fashioned plague will bring down unemployment in no time.

    Meanwhile CNBC spin is just incredible. Kudlow is crowing about the markets being up today in spite of the Alcoa news. The f##king Alcoa news didn’t come out until after close. Amazing.

  20. AGG says:

    The Treasury’s sale of $8 billion in inflation-indexed notes at auction today drew the most demand in nine years, suggesting investors are concerned that inflation may accelerate along with government spending.
    Somebody smells an inflation spike in the pipeline.
    They are massively WRONG.
    Paulson is gone in a couple of weeks. He did his part to help his buddies and hurt his enemies. He leaves office having preserved the status quo. The asset pyramid these pigs sit on is still intact even if the size is smaller; the pecking order hasn’t changed. Consequently things will get worse because the assholes are still in charge.
    One thing that is improving is buying power of debtless individuals who are low in net worth. They weren’t leveradged to the moon like their rich counterparts were (are?). Until these many, many influential, rich individuals unwind their debts, inflation will not apear. So the Paulsons and Bernakies can print to the moon for now. That’s their “whatever”. When and IF that money escapes the greedy hands of the elite and gets to the average person, then you will have heavy duty inflation.
    You see, the elite are in a quandary. They stole everything of value from 99% of the populace. They own the land, the police, the courts and anything else that counts. Their new “gilded age” hasn’t produced all the spoils of the previous one because of the law of diminishing returns. They are the ones who have most to lose now while the poor stiff is just saying, “what else is new?”. When you’ve got nothing to lose, you’ve got nothing to fear. Have a nice day, rich folks.

  21. Pat G. says:

    Like any medicine, symptoms for its continued use should be detailed. Taking taxpayer money should induce lending. NOT!

  22. Lars39 says:

    Side effect: could be habit forming.

  23. DL says:

    Lars39 @ 8:08

    Good one.

  24. texasradio says:

    Hard at work for ACME Inc., I happened to glance at my favored indicators this afternoon and caught a whiff of something that smelled like…collapse. Then somebody turned on an exhaust fan. Very mysterious, that.

    While I am more uncertain than ever, I disagree with those that are trying to overlay the 29-32 collapse timeframe over 07-10. Govt intervention delayed the initial decline…for a year. It follows that there will be no significant pause ’til the next leg down. Unless Bernanke’s face saving program opts to wreck the currency in lieu of more immediate deflation. He cannot possibly be unaware of the associated risks. But this is an empire: perhaps arrogance will trump intelligence, yet again.

  25. Jim Greeen says:


    Marin Feldstein and Joesph Stiglitz were on Charlie Rose last night during the first half of the show. You should get a copy and veiw. Striking in there pessimissum. Two very, very pessimistic world class economist.

    They pain a very bleak picture!!

    Defiantly worth a watch!!!

    Jim Green


    BR: I check Charlie Rose every week — the videos show up 3-5 days after the show — I should have those posted by the weekend . . .

  26. Cybernaught says:

    I laughed. Thanks. The next frame in the series (this is the best soap opera going) should be the doc giving the first jar of meds to his friends and substituting powder. Caption would have the doc saying something about the benefits of the placebo effect.

  27. Pete says:

    Expensive “sugar pills ” .

  28. HappyHappy says:

    Further Directions:

    Take Rectally!