Time to Nationalize Banks? A “Bad Bank” for Toxic Assets? What is the FDIC’s Role? – Roundtable Discussion with Josh Rosner of Graham Fisher & Co., Catherine Mann of Brandeis International Business School, and Mark Sunshine of First Capital

Bloomberg, January 24, 2009

Category: Bailouts, Credit, Video

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One Response to “Fixing the Banking System”

  1. Bruce N Tennessee says:

    If Barry allows it I am going to be seriously off-topic this morning, but it is something that concerns me.


    Most of us here, except for Mr. Bouchers who I never really understand, have done pretty well during the downturn, and I think that can mean as little as we’ve preserved our capital, and maybe made a few cents or so…I think there is a temptation, as this thing drags on, to try to catch the falling knife and buy in, or dip a toe as Barry says.

    One of the smarter individuals I read on Mondays is John Hussman, who runs two funds and has a Ph.D. in economics. He, too, had done pretty well until recently, when he took most of his hedges off, and tried to get in on the recent stock price increase…well look at how it skewed the growth fund…


    See the October through December action? This is the time period when Dr. Hussman felt it was ok to step out of the tub, but he slipped on the soap when he did…

    My point? Sure this thing seems to be dragging on…but if you’ve been patient, well be patient!…..

    Some of the smarter investors I have read say they hope they don’t ever get in right at the bottom or get out right at the top…and I think that is my philosophy too, FWIW..

    Now back to peeps who actually do this for a living…