2008 was certainly an interesting 12 months, one that was as revealing as it was unexpected by most people. I don’t expect merely flipping the page on the calendar is going to work any magic. Bear market bottoms and deep recessions don’t end overnight; this is a process that takes time.

But that’s next week’s worries — here’s some picts of New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world:


Photos from around the world

(looks like a scene from Dr. Who)

Sources:  BBC, WSJ, NYT

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5 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Mike in Nola says:

    Seeing these pictures from around the world each year reminds me of the Y2K New Years. It was a like different age.

  2. donna says:

    Or better, a scene from V for Vendetta. ;^)

  3. ButtoMcFarty says:

    Happy New Year.

    Predictions for 2009 thread??

    USD/YEN will hit 50 sometime during 2009.
    A hot war between Russia and Ukraine in 2009.
    Number of bank robberies in USA skyrockets.
    A state goes BK.


  4. hpov2000 says:

    Happy New Year Barry and The Big Picture community.

  5. Arthur says:

    Am I to deduce that Barry, in addition to all his other cool qualities, is also a Dr Who fan?

    A true renaissance man!