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4 Responses to “Subsidizing Business”

  1. willid3 says:

    COOL!!! other than the part about employees getting high wages and benefits it fits!

  2. AGG says:

    From Libertarian to a gated community Marxist. That’s about right for the 10% that own 85% of all stocks in America.
    Speaking of “subsidies” (ain’t that a nice word?), look at this:

  3. super_trooper says:

    You got the rights from the copyright owner to publish this on your blog? Or is this fair use according to Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107?

  4. Why Forester Finished First

    Yet Forester Value was the only one to end 2008 in the black — even if just by 0.4%.

    “Most mutual funds have the ability to do what I did,” Mr. Forester told me on Monday. “It’s just that nobody does it. Somebody ought to be watching the downside once in a while.”

    He’s right. Let it be said that 2008 was the year America’s fund management industry was tested and found lacking. The typical mutual fund, as we know it, is a failure.

    Looks like _some_ folks don’t need subsidies :p