Bob Bronson (BRONSON CAPITAL MARKETS RESEARCH) shows us his Super Cycle Market Overview:


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3 Responses to “Super Cycle Market Overview”

  1. Steve Barry says:

    Love charts like this..but it rasises questions…what are they using for “stock market”…S&P500? what are they doing to simulate whatever index they use back to 1870?…The 16 year periodicity is more well defined? It happened twice in a row over 140 years… It’s hard for me to believe the “real total return” never once got outside this uptrend channel in 140 years.

  2. markp says:

    It did twice, 1929 and 1999. And then the upper channel trendline was shifted up to accomodate those peaks :)

  3. kk says:

    Fortunately for us the internet archives other predictions by the “cycle” theorists such as this one..