Barron’s observes: “By most measures, Jim Cramer did worse than the market, but CNBC and the TV journalist have taken few steps to clarify his exact performance for his show’s growing audience.”

Here are the charts Barron’s uses to make their argument:

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3 Responses to “Barron’s vs. Cramer: The Charts”

  1. Mich@TBP says:

    Barry, this is the same thing as your beloved “media indicator”

    What you see as media indicator (albeit in a smaller scale with Cramer), is actually two things:
    - Front running by people who knows the broadcast/article is comming
    - Fund managers talking their books to media (stock tipping them) so they get other to provide support to their bets.

    Barron’s knows this, hence the charts they provide, because THEIR PEOPLE do it too

    Front running, insider trading, book talking….pure corruption

    That is why one is better off never reading a single commentary or advise if they can’t help themselves but to read it at face value.

  2. evanmyquest says:

    I don’t know how anyone could beat the market with those Dorfman caused rules JC goes by.

    But not shorting in a market tumble…stupid, but his call to find the bull in the bullshit. Same as I feel sorry for trapped 401Ks that can’t ‘bear it’ short. ~m

  3. DL says:

    On days when Cramer really pumps a stock, and a “pop” in the stock results, there may be a bit of money to be made by shorting right after the pop.