Another killer chart from Bob Bronson:

Since the S&P 500 dividend to earnings payout ratio has skyrocketed to 113% with dividends being cut at a record pace, the price-to-dividend ratio high for both the coming Supercycle Bear Market low and for the eventual end of the Supercycle Winter Period remains as elusive to panicking investors as the price-to-earnings ratio low. But we have reversion-to-the-extreme estimates.


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Kate Gibson
MarketWatch, 4:45 PM ET Feb 20, 2009

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8 Responses to “Dividend to Earnings Payout Ratio”

  1. RussGlisker says:

    Doesn’t the rather markedly different interest rate environment now as compared to past cycles need to be considered?

  2. One would think that is reflected in the chart . . .

  3. DaveO says:

    I was hearing talk last night of a banking plan hitting the street Monday morning, a move intended to address all the nationalization talk etc. No follow up or detail today, have you heard anything?

  4. CyHastings says:

    I think would we would be extremely lucky if the P/D only quadrupled.

    That graph is SCREAMING “Look The Fuck Out Below!”

    If P/D hit 7%….where would that put the S&P roughly??? 400ish??

  5. wswainwright says:

    more reading of the tea leaves… next it will be reading sacrificial animal entrails.
    Reversion to the extreme? Haven’t picked that one up before, guess there’s a first time for everything!

    Unless I’m missing something, isn’t the y-axis actually dividend/price?

  6. farmera1 says:

    OK, wswainwright, I thought I was going nuts, looking through the looking glass sort of thing. The y-axis has to be as you said dividend/price.

    Or, in this new world of new financial engineering changes (aka the NEW math), maybe I’m loosing it or up is down, left is right, nationalization is privately owned. You get the idea.

    Can someone confirm I’m not nuts, never mind.

  7. Broken says:

    I am sticking with an S&P bottom in the 650-700 range by Sept 09 with a rally on Q3 earnings. In other words, we track the general 1929 trend line until end of Q3 for a 58% drop from the 2008 peak.

  8. Vasastan says:

    One thing that seems to be missing from the graph is the impact of share buybacks during the past two decades. Including those would shift the curve a bit.