I’m sure its just a sentence or two, but I am on the Nightly News with Brian Williams this evening.

My discussion is with the lovely Trish Regan on nationalization and banks, and it should be pretty interesting.

Its tonite at 6:30pm on NBC.

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23 Responses to “Me Media: NBC Nightly News”

  1. zitidiamond says:

    “lively Trish Regan”

    I guess that’s one way of putting it.

  2. Steve Barry says:

    Maybe he meant lovely.

  3. franklin411 says:

    I like her better than Erin Burnette. Nothing kills “it” better than right-wing ideology.

  4. DoctoRx says:


    . . . But 3-line post by you with two typos, though (both in last line) . . .

  5. Andy Tabbo says:

    I love Trish the Dish. Why do most girls named Trish seem spunky and cute?

    The fact that this whole “Meltdown” is coming as a special event on the Nightly News is an interesting indicator to me. The fact that Erin (I top ticked Iceland, Dubai, Russia, China and rode the Bull at the market highs) Burnett is now in China doing a show called “Until Debt do us Part” is also interesting.

    Could we actually be seeing some real live contrarian media signals?

  6. ben22 says:


    Any technical outlook after today? I have the intra-day low of 741 on S&P, so I guess we ended up right above that but of course have a new closing low, unless I missed something. Seems like this is very bearish but not sure how to read it as it seemed real low volume today and it is day after exp.

    Picked up a book on Fib. analysis this past weekend, looking forward to diving into it.

  7. Chief Tomahawk says:

    WAY TO GO BR!!!

    No doubt Charlie Gasparino will be jealous of your “newsletter”……..

  8. Pat G. says:

    Nationalization? I guess that would be the literal definition since figuratively we already have.

  9. AndrewShaw says:

    It sounded like they put you after the quote: “some even favor nationalizing every bank”, seems like that would have to be putting you out of context.

    Great job, should be good for getting Fusion IQ name out there.


    BR: We wre disussing nationalizing the bad banks — not all of them — but other than that . . . .

  10. Andy Tabbo says:


    I hope it gives you a different perspective. The Prechter/Frost Book Elliott Wave Principle has an extremely good chapter on Leonardo Fibbonacci and the Golden Ratio. Every single trader I know uses some Fibbo analysis of some kind. Not a lot of guys buy into the EW Principle, but everyone understands the importance of Fibbo retracements.

    I’m going to refrain from providing any technical analysis for awhile until I can figure out a way to get my stuff directly to people on my own blog of some kind. Serious technical analysis can be nuanced and a bit complicated (not simple) and requires a more comprehensive explanation/background. It’s probably not appropriate in this setting where intraday price action can alter my views…wouldn’t want someone relying on older forecasts when there’s a new one developing.

    In general….

    The daily candlesticks on SP500, Euro, etc all look really bad, suggesting more ugliness to come. However, the Euro has pulled back to a 61.8% of the the last few days advance and the SP500 has now truly tested the previous lows, so it’s not a complete breakdown, yet. I observed some very sizeable bids on the SP futures around 740…..

    All the news looks really bad…AIG, Citi…and the news all seems really gloomy. I would be “flat” the SP500 right now. Shorts don’t make sense until we take out the lows and being long doesn’t make any sense until the market can “show us something.” I’m a little short the DX into the 61.8 bounce. That’s almost an automatic trade for me no matter what…so I guess that makes me a little bullish for assets tomorrow. But, I’ve got a really tight stop on that trade..

    - AT

  11. km4 says:

    What does China and AIG have in common? A lot as it turns out.

    Coverage of the 85 billion-dollar AIG bailout by the Fed in the Chinese media has generally been fairly reserved. That’s partly because AIG owns around twenty per cent of the People’s Insurance Company of China, the country’s largest casualty insurer, and the government doesn’t want anyone getting worked up about a possible threat to its soundness or that of their policies. AIG also has a special, indeed unique, history in China. It is the only major U.S. company (eighth largest in the world until a few days ago) that was founded here.

    Interesting, but no big deal. Right? Well let’s adjust our tinfoil hats for a moment and check out recent news.

    “The truth is the Administration needs China’s help. America’s stimulus is very expensive and the U.S. wants China to help finance it,” Andrews reported.

    Or to put it another way.

    In Beijing, she [Clinton] urged China – - the largest holder of U.S. government debt — to keep buying to help finance Obama’s plan to revive growth, saying “we are truly going to rise or fall together.”

    Is it really too much to suggest that the decisions to bail out AIG might be influenced by our dependence on the willingness or China to fund America’s bailouts? And visa versa?

    Or to put it another way: We are bailing out AIG because of their connections to China, who we need to fund our domestic bailouts, in which we are throwing money at AIG, all of which is backstopped by the American taxpayer.

    For more see http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/2/23/153939/985/832/700892

  12. Bruce in Tn says:

    km4…well…interesting thought…I wonder if the leaders in Taiwan have thought along these lines…if so, do they sleep well at night? I know things are now “better” between the two, but last time I looked, China still thinks Taiwan is just another part of Big Brother…

  13. Andy Tabbo says:

    km4. I think the decision to bailout to AIG also had A LOT to do with the fact that they were the bookie to Wall St.’s Finest. Some major firms unloaded a lot of their risk to AIG in the form of CDS hedges. If AIG went under, it would have taken out Goldman Sachs and others.

    Also, AIG was the big pimp to Euro banks as well. Euro banks used AIG’s AAA balance sheet insurance protection to expand their own balance sheets. They couldn’t explode their lending without hundreds of billions in AIG wraps around their bond position.

    If there was a firm “too big to fail,” it was certainly AIG. I just wish the U.S. government was more honest about exactly “who” was getting bailed out via AIG…as your post implies.

  14. km4 says:

    Andy Tabbo bingo on if AIG went under, it would have taken out Goldman Sachs and others.

    there are some comments along these lines in http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/2/23/153939/985/832/700892

    Is Obama between a hard place and a rock ?

    Duh ;)

  15. Porsche87 says:

    @Bruce in Tn
    I’ve been wondering about Taiwan ever since Russia went into Georgia last year with virtually no repercussions. It would be even worse with China. What would we do? What could we do? Who else would step up? The 1930′s may be closer than we think.

  16. Steve Barry says:

    The market looks to me very, very similar to what it looked like on Sept 1…put/calls, volume, II Bulls, QQQQ chart (MACD, RSI, Stoch, 10/21 day MA all very similar). To refresh our memory, Sept. 1 began a 5 week freefall. Breaking the closing low on the S&P makes my case that much stronger. Dow 5000 is possible in a matter of months.

  17. E says:

    Tell Trish I said hey.

  18. mark mchugh says:

    Hey Andy,

    I started blog a while back (it’s a much bigger pain in the ass than I imagined) and Barry has been kind enough to link to it a few times. Anyway, you’d be more than welcome to post there if you like (as would most BP regulars).

    Just leave a comment on the blog and I’ll get back to you.

  19. sinful mistress says:

    Didn’t she do Marijuana Inc. too???

  20. Cybernaught says:

    @ Steve Barry – With you in that it feels the same as last fall. To me it has that unbelievable feeling of days of mid-triple digit declines matched with the occasional low-triple digit rise. I agree with your earlier post that the decline could happen much faster than expected. Internet you know.

  21. DL says:

    So where’s the video?

  22. njtking says:

    Tish is smoking HAWT!