Speaking of Hope, here is a terrific bit of satire:

Clyde and Clark look over the country for our new president

Running on Hope from Douglas Sarine on Vimeo.

Running time 4:45

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7 Responses to “Running on Hope”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Pretty good. But I think it’s erroneous to say the special interests exist only between the different branches of Congress. I think they’ve been influencing presidential policy (and by extension the last Geithner plan) for quite sometime.

  2. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Mark Twain and Will Rogers would be proud. You know we’re in trouble when the “serious” pundits always get it wrong, and the comedians always get it right.

  3. JustinTheSkeptic says:


  4. Mannwich says:

    SEC accuses Stanford Group of “massive fraud”. Another enormous Ponzi Scheme that many on Wall Street probably knew about but said/did nothing because of their little “code” among thieves. This is getting really ugly.

  5. leftback says:

    Another day, another $8B, Jeff. I wonder if this is the one Harry Markopolos mentioned.
    You’re right, this is ugly. There will be more of these frauds/scams/Ponzis, especially in the offshore arena.

    It’s very, very bleak out there today. I wonder if we are getting set for a counter-trend rally this week?
    Quite a few of us flagged those over-priced tech stocks last week and today Steve Barry is raking it in.
    The banks continue to bleed, XLF close to its lows again. Surely intervention lurks in the wings?

  6. Mannwich says:

    @lb: I’m also doing quite well with QID (loaded up here recently), SRS, EEV and FAZ today. Of course my longs are getting crushed, so I won’t make as much headway as Mr. Barry (he of the enormous cojones).

    I just nibbled at some more DIG and ACI a short time ago.

  7. gms777 says:


    Though the obligatory goofing on churches-in-politics left me feeling cheerless.

    I’m hearing more and more announcements in my church asking people to buy food and bring it to the church so it can be delivered to those who feed the homeless or those in need.

    Basic staples: spaghetti, peanut butter, macaroni, tuna fish, rice.

    I’ll bet stats. show that church attendance has risen dramatically in the past six months…