Beyond the $700 billion bailout known as TARP, which has been used to prop up banks and car companies, the government has created an array of other programs to provide support to the struggling financial system. Through Feb. 10, the government has made commitments of nearly $8.8 trillion and spent $2 trillion. Here is an overview, organized by the role the government has assumed in each case.



Adding Up the Government’s Total Bailout Tab
NYT, February 10, 2009

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One Response to “Total Bailout Tab”

  1. catherine says:

    I said it would be 100 trillion bailout before we were done and in 2 years we are almost at 10 trillion, and they thought I had a tin foil hat to even use the word trillion two years ago

    wish i WERE WRONG, but guys with this kind of bailout the government could have mailed 2500 to EVERY HOUSEHOLD IN THE NATION and kept the ball rolling until the oversupply of housing was gone

    this is just beginning

    bailing out FDIC
    insurance companies
    5 banks we want to save
    car industry

    100 trillion dollars

    strap in guys………………….

    and the absolute fawning of the media over this pumped up Democrat goodies list as SAVING THE PLANET

    is as disgusting as them ignoring anything bad about this guy during the election

    it is going to bite the media in the butt and bite them hard, (well except for the media prostitutes that lied to the nation so they could have a job in the messiah’s administration………….)

    but alas it will take us down too………………….