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3 Responses to “AIG Employee Bonuses a ‘Missed Opportunity’”

  1. ThreeFold Commonwealth says:

    Don’t focus on making money; focus on protecting what you have.” —Paul Tudor Jones

    Balachandran is on the ball. AIG and all the crony capitalists missed an opportunity. The opportunity to turn themselves in. We can’t have a bailout without someone going to prison. Obama’s presidency is on the line on this one. The people are not fooled by the same thieves across both aisles continuing to thieve. The pensions have been stolen. The value of companies have been stolen. The treasury has been stolen. AIG did not deserve the bonus. The contracts were not valid when they were made by self dealing malfeasant financial criminals. The investment bankers understood their actions and they perpetrated their ponzi schemes on the easily duped public. The reason that investment bankers didn’t just sell mortgages for their homes in the Hamptons is because they could make more money sub priming Main Street. Criminal action and intent defined by common law. None of the problems that caused the financial meltdown were for the common good. It was deceit against prudent man common law for commission and self profit. Obama has spent his political capital on this one. Change is not enough when we are talking trillions. Financial Justice Now. Where to start? Give Greenspan immunity in return for state’s evidence. Shareholder’s have rights. The public has rights. AIG and all it counterparties in crime have the right to a fair trial. Financial Justice now.

  2. Moss says:

    I believe Obama read the riot act to the Bankters last Friday and that we will start to see some of them act in a more responsible way. Clearly the public outrage will not diminish unless they do. The actions being taken by Cuomo are being watched very closely by the bonus entitlement crowd. If indictments come out of the Merrill case or he is able to get some traction on the AIG pass though billions to the likes of Goldman behavior will change quickly. Many of the crooks will hide behind the apparent legality of the sham but maybe some of them will feel an ethical and moral responsibility to do the right thing.

  3. hazeleyes says:

    Obama should be reading the riot act to congress for causing the whole mess. AND he should NOT be looking/hoping/praying for more of the same that we’re all chattering about.