Finally! CNBC is now embedding video.

What a massive improvement! Our long Windows Media Player nightmare is over .  . .

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33 Responses to “CNBC Embeds Video !”

  1. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    Will they be spun-off from GE? I’m seeing things I never thougtht I’d see…

  2. CNBC Sucks says:

    Yeah, CNBC waited until after I closed out CNBC Sucks and then allowed embedding. It would have been great to “embed” Trish Regan.

    Since CNBC has been on an all-out Obama-bashing binge, I will close out with a different food for thought: I predict that even if the Dow were to sink to the 3,000 – 5,000 levels and stay down, which I think it just might, Barack Obama can still get re-elected. I know it seems unlikely that the stock market can perform that poorly and a President gets re-elected, but his base is young and not the stock-owning type anyway. (Or they are Xers and they aren’t worried about retiring in the next ten years.) Plus, he is an exceptional politician. Today, he went out of his way to try to prop up the stock market – the same stock market that just graded him an “F” for his first month of office – but if CNBC and stock market worshipping types want to engage in a four-year war with Obama, they may wind up regretting it. In fact, I predict they will wind up regretting it, because Obama will relegate the stock market to its historic importance as a 60-second passing mention that Walter Cronkite used to deliver halfway through the nightly news.

  3. ben22 says:

    They were able to do this once GE cut the dividend. It freed up some cash.

  4. mhm says:

    I need Bloomberg to move on now… I have to get a full virtual machine running windows just to get their video feed without breaking the law.

  5. CNBC Sucks,

    Walter Cronkite, like this:

    just what we need, another closet cheerleader spoon-feeding the Daily Soma to the unwitting masses..

    Somehow, I doubt it, and much of the other, spurious, ‘certainties’, you give rise to (as above)..

    IOW, if you think Gen X is interested in re-playing “The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit”, you’ve been channeling too many Microwaves–scrambling your conception.

  6. leftback says:

    @CNBC sucks: Obama will win re-election – ONLY if he is able to create and save jobs and head off a depression.
    If he can do this, then he will almost certainly save the stock market as well.

    The market hasn’t been going down because of Obama, it’s been going down because people sold stocks.

  7. Andy Tabbo says:

    Quite an interesting development coming for ol’ CNBC….how to report on the Mothership when it’s clearly on the ropes….a Company of that size and scope trading sub 7 bucks is a spectacularly bad development. If this were some other company, I think there would be A LOT more reporting on “What Went Wrong at GE.”

    Where’s Jack Welch? Why aren’t they asking Jack about all those years of PERFECT earnings growth every quarter. How did they accomplish that? Sometimes when companies report those kinds of smooth earnings, they call it a Ponzi scheme.

    At least they’ve got embedded videos now….

  8. grumpyoldvet says:

    The question that keeps spinning in my mind is…..Problems that have been brewing for perhaps 10, 20, 30 years are expected to be resolved in 45 days. Wall St reminds me of a group of kindergartners who haven’t had their naps and are cranky.

  9. franklin411 says:

    I completely agree with your sentiment. We didn’t make these problems overnight and we’re not fixing them overnight.

    The very men who created this problem through the reckless pursuit of fast profits are demanding a quick fix so they can get back to the business of fleecing America.

    Frankly, if there was justice in this world, the heads of all these corporations would be hanging from their heels from every lamp post in the land, a la Mussolini.

  10. zdog says:

    Obama causing the market to go down? Huh? Really?

    The market is going down because it is a giant, avarice-fueled Ponzi scheme whose gig is up. Simple really-solutions, not so.

  11. AT,

    to your point, until Businessweek kicks “Jack&Suzy” off their ‘contributors’ list, “the Welchway”–indeed, he’ll be a black-eye for McGraw-Hill, as well..

    but I Do notice mucho Full-Page ads of GE’s, in BW, touting the newest boondoggle: “SmartGrids”

    maybe we’ll never hear what GE was ‘ecoimagining’..

  12. I suppose when GE touted going green through its “ecomagination”, “green” wasn’t referring to the color of the money it would make. $7/share. Wow.

    That’s what happens when the biggest player in the military-industrial complex decides that the boring old 3-6% profits made by creating things and selling them are just not as glamorous or fun as running money like an investment bank.

  13. DC says:

    Jack Welch and his cult of personality will be viewed as Exhibit A when the autopsy on this dead economy is performed. Welch and his minions confused a tailwind of historic proportions with business acumen. Granted Welch is a bright guy but the credit he’s given (and gladly accepts) is way out of proportion.

    Welch is curled up in a corner as he sees his old pal Hank Greenberg make a complete ass of himself. Not only is Hank oblivious to his role in the current disaster — straying from the core insurance biz to chase profits through financial fraud — he’s also a Grade A moron for “never selling a share of his AIG stock.”

    Hank, did anyone ever clue you into “diversification” or “taking some off the table” along the way? And now this sniveling bastard has the balls to sue AIG, which means if he wins the taxpayer pays him back. Please Gollum, crawl away now and take Precious Jack and Suzy with you.

  14. Mike in Nola says:

    Turned on the TV and saw old mustard seed in action whining again about new taxes causing the collapse. This after shutting it off this morning when they had some former presidential economic advisor giving the same song and dance.

    Shot them an email saying that I am going to have to pay more to Comcast so I can get Bloomberg because I’m never going to watch them again.

    Although maybe I’ll just go back to the Bloomberg feed ont he laptop like I was watching last year when I was making money with short etf’s.

  15. franklin411 says:

    I never did understand the point of GE advertising railroad locomotives and jet engines. How many of us stepped out and bought a locomotive today?

  16. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Mike in Nola Says:
    March 3rd, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Turned on the TV and saw old mustard seed in action whining again about new taxes causing the collapse.

    I’m beginning to think the Republican base has battered woman/Stockholm syndrome. Analysis doesn’t enter into the thought process. They’ve ben raped, beaten, and robbed, and they still defend the hand that abuses them.

    Note to the wingnuts: This comment is not an endorsement of the Democrats.

  17. Marcus Aurelius says:

    I’m also not saying that Mustard Seed is a Republican. OTOH, his statement has become a right wing talking point.

  18. BG says:

    What about the nuclear technology they have been selling Iran in the last few years?

  19. Andy Tabbo says:

    DC Says:
    March 3rd, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    Well stated….I wish I had written it….

  20. We the people says:

    That great !!! Now they need to clean house starting with the three @$$hole on Squak box.

  21. Mannwich says:

    I haven’t watched a thing on CNBC in over three weeks since swearing them off forever for Bloomberg. Of course, this past week I’ve been golfing and pretending to be an “active senior citizen” in FL, so maybe only two of those weeks count.

    Now that I’m back from la-la land here in the land of frozen water, frozen air, frozen everything, I still won’t be tuning into Sir Goldilocks, moron Kneale and their version of bread & circus for the masses……

  22. VennData says:

    I’ll bet for every “Why are you bashing Obama?” email they get a full-lot order of “He’s ruining the economy!” emails.

    What someone needs to say is, why are the Obama-haters throwing tea and cupcake parties against tax increases, when 95% of Americans aren’t getting one?

  23. We the people says:

    Wow 3 shares of GE equal one ** Special Combination Rate – $24.95 **
    Purchase both the NBC Studio Tour and Rockefeller Center Tour together and save! Special rate only available for reservations made through

  24. zitidiamond says:

    The folks at CNBC believe they’ll be able to ride through the recession on the backs of the Palin crowd. However, listening to Kudlow, Kernen and Santelli bray about Obama turning America into Cuba might confuse people into thinking they’re watching the television version of the New York Post.

  25. Todd says:

    The embedding still sucks, can only hit play, not pause or rewind. Was trying to listen to the Eric Hovde video that Paul Kedrosky embedded on his site today. Was interrupted, couldn’t pause or go back.

    So, they gave you what you asked for, but at a bare minimum.

  26. I don’t usually follow GE options but I assume they trade pretty actively. However, 84k Jun $2.50 puts and 118k Sept $10 calls seem like someone making a bet (it’s either $2; or $11; or $7 and someone sold the puts and calls to collect the premium).

    Separately, I canned Time Warner and CNBC 2 wks ago and just listen to bloomberg online. My mental health is vastly improved.

  27. Mike in Nola says:

    Does GE actually make anything any more? I went to the AARP site and found “AARP Legal Services Network by GE .” WTF? So a company named General Electric is promoting legal services? There’s nothing like focus.

  28. DL says:

    Mike in Nola @ 7:20

    I just started getting Bloomberg a few days ago (I just switched to Verizon FIOS).

    The problem with watching television on the computer is that there is no way (that I know of) to record it (so you can fast-forward through the parts that you don’t want).

    Anyway, I’ll be watching a lot less CNBC now.

  29. Bruce in Tn says:

    Asian Stocks Fall as Australian Economy Shrinks; Toyota Slumps

    “The market has taken another leg down with all the bad data coming through,” said Matt Riordan, who helps manage about $3 billion at Paradice Investment Management in Sydney. “People are waiting for a U.S. recovery to start flowing through to the rest of the world.”

    Wait, I thought we here in the US were waiting for an Asian recovery….

    Oh, never mind…

  30. Mike in Nola says:

    DL: Wish I could get that. ATT has their version around Houston right not, but our complex isn’t wired for it. Stuck with comcast, which, unbelievably, is worse than ATT.

  31. Mike in Nola says:

    Speaking of ace reporting on CNBC, did anyone catch the Hank Greenberg interview this morning. May be one of the last live CNBC shows I’ll see.

    Anyways, he related how Goldman was the backdoor recipient of the first AIG bailout, getting its CDS redeemed at par. Checkout this video starting at about 6:30 into the clip and going on for about a minute.

    The other guest had talked about the same thing earlier. No mention of any of this one the CNBC website. Where is CG’s hard-hitting journalism? Guess he’s saving it for the Dems.

    I did notice several Senators pressing Bernanke on this very issue later in the day. Don’t know if they had been primed already or were clued in by the remarks. Sen. Wyden concluded the hearing by saying they were introducing legislation to for disclosure of AIG counterparties.

  32. EAR says:

    Such a great thread from such a small, innocuous post. I love it here.

    I look forward to being here when the “good times” return.

    According to CESPNBC that will be when the President of the United States fires his Treasury Secretary in the midst of an unprecedented lack of confidence…

    acknowledges that the historic and unprecedented state of our markets, which was years in the making, are his fault if they get worse after January 20, 2009…

    watches CESPNBC all day to see what the DOW reads when his name is mentioned until he knows what to say and what time of the day/week/month to say it…

    ignores the majority party he belongs to and adopts the approach touted by a party that is unable and unwilling to acknowledge the origins of and their dominant role in the problem…

    ignores everyone who doesn’t watch CESPNBC along with their difficulties and needs…

    nationalize C & BAC like Sweden did even though…

    let AIG die to see if systemic risk is only caused by the collapse of financial entities that rhyme with He-Man…

    stops commenting publicly on the bonuses/junkets/parties/concerts/taxpayer funded luxuries of taxpayer supported entities and starts a public claw-back witch-hunt complete with perp walks…

    provides the “detail” & “specifics” that the market craves even though no one has any idea how the markets will react to “detail” & “specifics” or how they will react to a future modification of the “detail” & “specifics” in the event that a rapidly changing situation changes rapidly…

    focuses on the here and now at the expense of the future.

    And the petulant bullshit comes from all directions. After his speech at Camp Lejeune I saw this dumb ass progressive Democracy NOW chic on the liberal half-sister, MESSNBC. She was griping because he told the troops that they accomplished their mission by overthrowing Saddam. Now, we all know it was initially proffered as a WMD problem but, please, lady, is he supposed to stand there in front of people who have seen it all, been through it all and fought and lived with those who gave all that they did so in vain? That what they DID accomplish is like some shitty runner-up prize? Really? Right there?

    He’s damned if he does, damned if he don’t. And he seems to relish this.

    The true indicator for me is when he starts to look worried like W circa 3Q and 4Q 2008.

  33. d4winds says:

    right on.

    CNBC standard lines:
    TARP, TARP, & more TARP for the big banks with Chapter 11/7/13 for everyone else.
    feed the beast–defense, Big Pharma, Agribusiness, private FFS Medicare funded at +14%.
    the Ronald Reagan who was actually President–not the iconic cartoon–loved to soak the rich.