Light posting today as I am jamming on getting the last few chapters in to the publisher to make our May 4 publication date.

More later . . .

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5 Responses to “Final Book Chapters”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Good luck, BR. There’s more to add every day it seems. At this rate, maybe the Feds will be frog marching upper mgmt. of AIG out for unpaid parking tickets in New Jersey and unreturned library books in Connecticut (i.e. interstate trade) by next week….

  2. I know –its the book that never ends.

    My out of office message reads:

    I am out of the office today, working on the book that does not want to get finished. (I think it just likes the attention).

    I should be back in tomorrow, unless I am not. In which case I will be in Monday, unless Goldman Sachs goes down… Which means another chapter. Then I will be in Tuesday, unless something else happens.

    Can we please stop bailing out companies long enough to let me finish this damn thing?!?

  3. Bruce N Tennessee says:

    Well, Barry, I am going to count your post as non-specific since I know nothing about publishing a book…so I will say that one of the brighter bulbs seems to be getting more and more cautious here…

    Lowering The Sights for Profit Margin Recovery

    “The absence of appropriate policy responses to the credit crisis has made me much less optimistic about the potential for sustained recovery in profit margins toward anything near the levels we saw in 2007.”

    Dr. Hussman seems to be getting more bearish as the weeks of 2009 roll on….He got his fingers burned when he took off his hedges, and now seems to think the remainder of the year is bleak…

    Back to the salt mine…

  4. MRegan says:


    It’s the reader who finishes the book. So do you best and allow yourself a pint of a favorite ale at the end of today’s toil.


  5. leftback says:

    Good luck, Barry.

    One or two people are now posting at the site who are trying to intimidate others regarding the expression of protest against AIG and other assorted miscreants. I feel a lot safer now than under Bush but I think it might be a good idea to probe the origin of one or two of those who are supporting the IBs and their bonus-happy brethren. Just a heads-up that this little bastion of free speech might be under attack.