OK, time to crowdsource some comedy from your creative minds.

So far, we know that GM stands for:

Government Motors

Gimme Money

Anything else? Use comments for suggestions . . .

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Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

129 Responses to “G.M. Stands For . . .”

  1. ckapilla says:


    Got Moolah?

    Generic Mush

  2. ckapilla says:

    Generic Mediocrity

  3. Mannwich says:

    Got Mechanic

  4. SINGER says:

    Gargantuan Moneypit

  5. RobertK says:

    Gigantic Mess

  6. mjbenun says:

    Geithner’s Mess

  7. FromLori says:

    Gross Mismanagement

  8. nades says:

    gross missallocations

    gross missgivings

    gadawful machines

    grand marauders

    goats and monkeys?

    WAHHOOO ! ! !

  9. nades says:

    mjbenun Says: Geithner’s Mess. I like it! ;)

  10. Ny Stock Guy says:

    Goddamn Morons

  11. ClarkAspen says:

    Gigantic Mirage

  12. call me ahab says:

    Geewhizwhatthefuckhappened Motors

  13. ElvisP says:

    Gone Monday

  14. greg says:

    Gigantic Malfeasance!

  15. Gawdawful Mangement

  16. albnyc says:

    Got Mine!

  17. Lars39 says:

    Green Marx

  18. moveablebeast says:

    Greedy Mofo’s

    Glaring Mistakes

    Geriatric Motors

    Glum Mechanics

    Grim Meltdown

  19. tCA says:

    Got More$?

  20. ChrisH says:

    Great Misexpectations

  21. jpmassar says:

    Giganormous Mismanagement

  22. Cherp says:

    Giant Merde

  23. retrogrouch says:

    Got More?

  24. Moss says:

    Gone Motors

  25. Transor Z says:

    G “How’s shit-canning the EV1 working out for you assholes?” M

  26. Lars39 says:

    General Mortgaged

  27. petersticks says:

    Gran Mierd…

    Grand Mugging

    Gullible Morons

  28. fully diluted says:

    Gargantuan Mistake

  29. MRegan says:

    Gelt Misallocated

  30. call me ahab says:

    Genuflect Motors

  31. gloppie says:

    Grosse Merde
    Genital Meme
    Geee, My-ass-is-sore

  32. Patrick Neid says:

    gonads missing

  33. Urkel says:

    Gooey Marshmallows

  34. kansascitypothole says:

    Greasy Morgue

  35. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Git MoFos

  36. kansascitypothole says:

    Got Madoff?

  37. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Incompetent Rat Bastards

  38. cbosco76 says:

    Nothing, absolutely nothing.

  39. greg says:

    On a sadder note it was just made official that Melissa Lee will be the permanent host on Fast Money. No mention still from anyone about Dylan, which I guess infers that the entire panel is now female. According to sources Miss Krakower will keep their balls in her desk from now on. Good work guys!

  40. Charlatan says:

    Government Mooch

    Oh, and by the way, for his stellar performance, Mr. Wagoner joins the list of fired CEOs who have more money than all the people on this board combined.

    What a wonderful country.

    cue the Bob Seger song….

  41. bitplayer says:

    Greetings in Mandarin

  42. Donlast says:

    Ghouls Motors

  43. danm says:

    My dad’s initials are GM.

    When I was 4, we had a GM and I thought all the GM initials on the carpets and everywhere in the car were for my dad.

    A few years later, I witnessed the bursting of my first bubble. LOL

  44. aitrader says:

    Giant Mess

    Gross Malaise

    Guilty Mooks

    Greedy Morons

    Gut Me

  45. Commodore 64 says:

    Government Masturbation

  46. DonRobbie says:

    Goldman Missing -that’s why they haven’t gotten a blank check

  47. CPJ13 says:

    Goodbye Michigan!

  48. aitrader says:

    Getting Mauled

    Guaranteed Mistake

    Goofy Miscreants

    Gear Malpractice

    Graft & Malfeasance

  49. TapeReader says:

    Got Money?

    Gonna Melt.

  50. Dow says:

    GM stands for Edsel

  51. pgibbns says:

    Geithner’s Monkey

  52. bolddan says:

    Gone Mindless
    Galactic Mess

  53. aitrader says:

    Government Mule

    Grotesque Machines

    Gambled & Missed

    Gobs of Manure

    Garbage Merchandise

  54. Michelange says:

    Gentle Matures

  55. Michelange says:

    Good Moms

  56. Michelange says:

    Genuine Milfs

  57. Michelange says:

    Gaggin’ Mistresses

  58. wdmarkle says:

    whatever happened to “What is good for GM is good for the country?”

  59. Itiswhatitis says:

    Who cares.

    Without the GMAC debacle, GM would be like Ford, struggling but surviving and adapting. I think GM is just another victim of the cult of financial liberalization.

  60. Michelange says:

    Geriatric Managers

  61. Marcus Aurelius says:

    wdmarkle Says:
    March 30th, 2009 at 7:10 pm
    whatever happened to “What is good for GM is good for the country?”

    apparently, they didn’t mean this country.

  62. teraflop says:

    “Godzilla, Mothra.” (as in, meets)

  63. Cherp says:

    Gullible Monkeys

  64. Marcus Aurelius says:


    Is “financial liberalization” newspeak for the conservative core-value, “deregulation”? Are they one and the same?

  65. fenner says:


    There’s a whole lot more to Ratigan’s ouster than meets the eyes… The guy was bad mouthing GS among other things.

  66. johnlewismealer says:

    Grossly Mismanaged if no one grabbed that yet…
    General Motors was destroyed byt he UAW and AFL CIO and by nothing else.

    Both bailouts went to pay Union Concessions whether the UAW’s and AFL CIO’s; back pay, future pay, sanctions, penalties, health care, old UAW, AFL- CIO worker’s pensions (which was an old contract), and other communist controlled workforce related matters…. Plus legal fees.

    Mealer American Motors Corporation (aka Mealer Companies LLC) expects to be the next major USA Automaker. We are going through funding now and for the pst year…

    We will build our vehicles in Right to Work states only and to be honest…
    I am not afraid to bust heads when it comes to extortionists from the labor unions.
    The BS stops here.

    John Lewis Mealer

  67. kbrehm says:

    Gotta Move-on

  68. VennData says:

    Gamey Machinations

  69. skijaypeak says:

    Gettlefinger Motors

  70. Going Madoff
    Giving Migraines
    Generally Myopic
    Great Mistake
    Grinding Money

  71. Oleg says:

    Grow Mohawk
    Geriatric Motors

  72. gnomic says:

    Gone Mad

    General Mis-Management

    Good-bye Money!!!

  73. DL says:

    Gimmee More ($$)

  74. JoWriter says:

    Guillotined Management

  75. jabbo says:

    GO MARX (Motors)

    … so now the US will have its own LADA motor company.

    Ask the Russians how it went with the government guarantees on these cars…

  76. GRV305 says:

    Grave Mess

    Greedy Munkys

  77. VennData says:

    Genetic Misfits
    Genitalia Munchers
    Golden-parachuting Make-workers
    Gerbil Manipulators
    Gonorrhea-laden Misanthropes
    Goddamn Muthafuckahs

  78. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Hey, Mealer:

    If you don’t want to take care of your employees by paying a fair wage and providing US-style benefits (healthcare, paid vacation, sick and family leave, and a pension to supplement Social Security), why operate in the US? You should go to China. Funny thing is, you complain about communism, but the only place you’ll be able to find a workforce you can abuse is in a communist country! Sheesh! Whoodathunkit?

    If I ever see a car wit your name on it, I’ll make sure I’ll buy foreign.

  79. kmcneill333 says:

    Gasguzzlin’ Monsters

  80. Crikey says:

    grim mortification

  81. gnomic says:

    Grand Mess

    Got Much?

    Government Money

    GOP Madness

    Google Motors?

    Gag Me!

    Gimme More!

  82. Bruce in Tn says:

    Gastroenteritis Motors..(I know, it’s a shitty name)….

  83. royrogers says:

    there is a fundamental flaw in the business model of GM and Chrysler,’
    where they build cheap cars that break down and cost more money long term.
    The public is not stupid, they will buy a car like a toyota at a higher sticker price
    but save money longer term on the quality of the product.

    No one is pointing out this flaw in the american business model of planned obsolescence.

    As long as they don’t change their tune, I will never buy an american car,
    regardless of how many bailouts they get.

  84. gnomic says:

    Got Millions!

    Government Manipulation

    Good-bye Markets!

  85. Bruce in Tn says:

    or it could be Gastronenteritis Motors…our product is as shitty as our name…

  86. jmay says:

    Geithner’s Moneyhole

  87. Mannwich says:

    Gullible Minions

  88. franklin411 says:

    Sorry, I seem to have stumbled on the “I hate America” thread.

    Please go back to your America-bashing.

  89. kbrehm says:

    We don’t hate America. We love American Innovation and Ingenuity!

    Go Tesla Motors! Yaaaaaay!

  90. paulyarbles says:

    Gnot MorganStanleyGoldmansSachsCitigroupEtcEtcEtc (and therefore not to be sucked off constantly by the Obama economic team).

  91. kbrehm says:

    Got Mylanta?

  92. greg says:

    Could someone on this board please explain to me how financing a purchase of an automobile at zero percent could possibly lead to a viable business model. GM, Ford and Chrysler have all been doing this since the mid nineties. Rebates of $5,ooo to $10,000 on certain models in addition to zero financing were a recipe for disaster. I never went to Harvard or Wharton, but please tell me this is not part of their business curriculum.

  93. Winston Munn says:

    General Malfeasance

  94. kbrehm says:

    It’s a viable business model because they make it up it in volume! Economics 101.

    1. Make substandard cars.
    2. Dangle 0% carrot in front unsuspecting customers.
    3. ?????
    4. PROFIT!

  95. Mannwich says:

    @greg: I think the course’s name is “Kicking the Can Down the Road 101″. Most of our leaders have taken it and passed with flying colors.

  96. greg says:

    kbrehm…they seemed to have missed point 4.

  97. Mannwich says:

    The plan was to make it up on volume. Worked pretty well for a while…..sort of.

  98. jsbloom7 says:

    Grand Marnier – time for equity holders to start drinking

  99. MikeG says:

    Stop wasting my time
    You know what I want
    You know what I need
    Or maybe you don’t

    Do I have to come right flat out and tell you everything?
    Gimme some money, gimme some money
    Gimme some money, gimme some money
    Gimme some money, gimme some money

    – Spinal Tap “Gimme Some Money”