Here’s a short list of only the highest quality, bluest of blue chip, penny stocks:

  • AIG (39 cents)
  • Citigroup (98 cents)
  • E*Trade (66 cents)
  • Fannie Mae (39 cents)
  • Freddie (39 cents)
  • Unisys (37 cents)

Given the trading volumes, you might think these were real firms or something!

Now, for the not-quite-penny stocks:

  • Ford ($1.83)
  • GM ($1.83)
  • Las Vegas Sands ($1.97)
  • MGM ($1.99)
  • CIT ($2)
  • Kodak ($2.50)
  • Bank of America ($3.15)
  • New York Times ($4.00)
  • News Corp ($6.15)
  • Xerox ($4.36)
  • International Paper ($4.22)
  • Alcoa ($5.55)
  • GE ($6.75)
  • Dow Chemical ($6.56)
  • Wells Fargo ($7.95)
  • Dell ($8.50)

It looks like American Express ($10.83) is one of the few double digit stocks . . .

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109 Responses to “The Latest Craze: Blue Chip Penny Stocks”

  1. Fredex says:

    Zeno’s market paradox: A price that has been cut in half can be cut in half again. This is a process that can continue indefinitely.

  2. VennData says:

    You could just slip one share of Rick’ Cabaret into a g-string.

  3. miamiocean says:

    We already have plenty of “in city” chicken farmers in Miami. One Thanksgiving my neighbor knocked on my door looking for his formerly tethered turkey that had flown away. He used to slaughter animals in his yard at 5 am in the morning. I only found out by being up with a sick dog in my backyard one morning and watching him drag something into the low light with the flash of a machete shortly after. I guess it will be good to have a neighbor who can slaughter my chickens if it comes to that.

  4. ben22 says:

    @The Curmudgeon,

    You know what, some young people, like me, still have that exact idea of optimism, I worry though that I’m a minority as you say.


    here is the link that Mark put up, I highly suggest it, more important than it being informative, it will make you think:

  5. MexicaliBlues says:

    AT: I always like your EW discussion, good stuff. If we are in fact still in wave 3, and it is extending, what odds do you lay on wave 5 truncating?

  6. says:

    The real irony:

    Five years ago, who’d thought that “99 Cents Only Stores” (NDN) would be priced higher than these bluest of blue chips?

  7. bitplayer says:

    AT should have a tip jar next to his comments.

  8. Ken H,

    w/this: “Built a bike that recharges batteries, pretty cool.”

    think about how much hp=KWh that has been wasted in by people riding ‘exercise bikes’, in ‘Gyms’ from coast-to-coast-to-coast, over the last 5 years, alone..

    I pick 5 b/c, easily, it was eminently doable/cost-effective to do that type convert/re-design by ’004, if not by ’994..

    yet, instead of Distributed Generation and increased efficiencies, we’re getting “SmartGrids” –

  9. sam-niazi says:

    CNBC= Can Never Be Correct
    CNBC is not fit to report on busniss and industry, it is not fit to be on the air.
    It is run by coprprate politics and its agenda is to serve the point of view of GE…
    GE is a failing company build on manipulaion and speculation it does not have the what it takes to build wealth. We need to save cpitalism from the like of Kudlow and Booya Cramer, the clowns on CNBC.