The first of a series with Ron Lieber, the Your Money columnist for The Times, about simple tips you can take to improve your financial standing.

NYT, 3:15

Category: Investing, Video

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One Response to “What a Financial Planner Can Do for You”

  1. Bruce in Tn says:

    Good video:

    As the resident devil’s advocate a few questions:

    Since many of the people who had been using financial planners are now near bankruptcy, can we find a financial planner more easily since their workload has been so severely curtailed?

    Can financial planners counsel bankrupt financial planners? Or is this a conflict of interest?

    Are two financial planners better than one? Or might you lose money twice as fast?

    What do you call 100 financial planners at the bottom of the ocean?

    I noticed at the end of the video there was one comment and it was positive. But it was from a college student majoring in finance. Is this a contraian indicator?

    Has the top in financial advisors been reached?

    If I major in financial planning in college and decide to change my major, will my credits transfer if I want to start reading Tarot cards?

    If I get a Ph.D. in finance, can I grow up to be as smart as Alan Greenspan?

    …just wondering..(just bored, it snowed all night, and it is too damned cold to do anything outside…and I have already killed perfectly good brain cells in front of the boob tube this am….)