Wow, this is kinda cool:

Amazon (but not Barnes & Noble or Borders) is showing an estimated delivery date for Bailout Nation on May 8th, 2009:



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7 Responses to “Bailout Nation: Estimated Delivery May 8th”

  1. eren says:

    congratulations :))

  2. franklin411 says:

    If the price is $16.47, why is the total $17.73?


    BR: Sales Tax

  3. hr says:

    Why not Barnes & Noble or Borders?

  4. mlomker says:

    I hope they release it on the Kindle.

  5. Hans Robert says:

    We’re not so lucky here in the UK… have to wait almost six weeks:

  6. call me ahab says:

    great job Barry – glad to see it’s finally available for sale (considering the fiasco w/McGraw-Hill)

  7. BR,

    this: “Wow, this is kinda cool”, I will take issue with~

    You’re Wrong. It’s Really Cool.

    Good going, It has to be awesome to see the Book wrapped up, and available For Sale.

    The simple fact that it was Published is a good sign. Certainly, the Market, already, understands that these issues deserve to be discussed. With that, Solutions are, more readily, within reach.
    as an aside: (: