The Bailout Nation manuscript has officially been accepted by Wiley.

I am told we are on target for a mid-May publication date, with the book in the stores sometime before Memorial Day. (Makes for the perfect beach read!) You will be able to pre-order the book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon or Borders.

A few other updates — I should have a new site up for the book within a few weeks; There will be excerpts posted there, as well as a run of book related appearances, reviews and extras.

I also have spoken with the good folk at Wiley, who are jazzed to run all manner of promotions for the book — before publication, and during the first week or two. We will be giving away signed book plates (for the inside cover) for those of you who pre-order the book. Once its in the stores, we will hold some pretty cool contests for anyone who forwards an email showing a book purchase. I cannot reveal the details, but it will involves AIG, GM and Fannie Mae.

More on this next week . . .

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12 Responses to “Bailout Nation Update”

  1. call me ahab says:

    congratulations Barry- hopefully you have updated it to reflect the new admimistration’s “committed support” to the banking sector (no bank to big to save).

    also- hey all- check out this headline:

    only to be crushed in October

  2. Jason Crowell says:

    Hmm…maybe one share each of GM, AIG and Fannie? Which, probably would be about 1/4 of the cover price, or less…

  3. tippet523 says:

    On your tour around the country going from Hotel to Hotel and City to City I would be happy to host you in Chicago if you want a real house and I owe you at least a great bottle of wine for all the help.

    Great patio and if you hit our 7 weeks of summer even better.


  4. tawm says:

    Barry: Are there any plans for releasing an unabridged audio version? That would be much appreciated for those of us who “listen” to our reading….

  5. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    My order is in BR. Just tell me why I feel like I am living in a Faustian dream? Someone did sell themself to the devil here, didn’t they?

  6. Clay says:

    Congratulations Barry. I pre-ordered my copy several weeks ago at Amazon and look forward to receiving it and reading it. I am sure you did a great job.

    Kindest regards as always,

  7. isolde100 says:

    Idea for promoting the book: have people submit cartoons which show the book, readers will vote on the best cartoon of the week, then the winner gets a free book.

  8. constantnormal says:

    Does anybody know what happens to pre-orders for the McGraw-Hill edition? My niece had ordered a copy for me for Christmas …

  9. Hans Robert says:

    @constantnormal: My pre-order for the McGraw Hill edition from was refunded to my credit card and then I just re-pre-ordered the Wiley edition

  10. hpov2000 says:

    Looking forward to your apperence on “The Daily Show”.

  11. jmay says:

    Hpov2000 took the words right out of my mouth.

    Congrats on finishing the manuscript! That’s awesome.

    I must say though that the do-se-do with your former publisher will probably reduce your sales by 30-50%.

    “Bailout” isn’t nearly the incendiary buzzword it was two months ago.

  12. dunnage says:

    Don’t want more AIG, GM, FM. How about Morgan Stanley, Chase, and Goldman?