I mentioned a few weeks ago we were hosting a conference in NYC on  June 3 2009. The conference is coming together nicely, with some terrific name guests committed:

• Former CNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan is the master of ceremonies;

Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness author Nassim Taleb is the morning keynote

• Doug Kass will be discussing the Future of Hedge funds, regulation, and performance

• Banking and credit experts Chris Whalen and Josh Rosner will be looking at the Banking System After TARP & PPIP

• We will have a panel on the Financial Media and the Crisis: How’d they do? and so far we have confirmed Randall Forsyth (Barrons), Jesse Eisinger (Portfolio, WSJ), Dan Gross (Newsweek, Slate, NYT),  Dylan Ratigan, (CNBC, Bloomberg TV, tba)

One of the cool things about having a blog sponsor a conference is the interactive nature of the format. For the panels and Q&A, blog readers can submit queries. And some of the video will be posted here, too. I am very jazzed about it.

Save the date: June 3rd, 2009
New York Athletic Club (Sixth Ave. and 59th St

Full details to follow this week


UPDATE: April 28 2008 10:06 pm

The registration site is now up and running!


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12 Responses to “The Big Picture Conference: Capitalism After the Crash”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    I guess a representative of the Chinese government isn’t available to discuss the long-term future of hold U.S. Treasuries? I suspect such individual would be 50-50 odds of having hair like Don King due to financial stress, etc.

  2. WaveCatcher says:

    Awesome line-up! Nice venue also.

    Maybe we can get a game of squash together after the speech giving is done and we’ve tipped back a few cocktails!

  3. that looks like a worthy lineup, should be interesting.

    have you thought about having someone uplink this confab to ol’ Silly, the Satellite up top?

    RT might be interested, as ex..

    past that, have you thought of knocking out some “Bailout Nation” gelt, like this:

  4. snapshot says:

    From Market Ticker

    Whoa Barry – You should get this lady.

    Janet Tavakovi from Chicago Tavakovi Structured Finance
    Hour-long CSpan (a book review but the book isn’t even talked about.)

    Our Congress didn’t pass the laws to keep this from happening…A Ponzi scheme. The biggest crime on our American economy.

  5. FromLori says:

    Did you see the latest AIG perp walks? One can only hope…


  6. AGORACOM says:

    I’m definitely going to try and make it down for this. New York May 18, Vancouver June 7, then Greece June 25.

    Are you taking sponsorships?


  7. We haven’t done so yet, but we probably should !

    This is an experiment to see if we can run a conference that is not the usual Wall Street sales pitch.

  8. NJlou says:

    This conference sounds like more of the same. The same people who inflated the dot.com and housing bubbles are same ones thinking about the post-crash era with more and more ‘financialization’.

    The post-crash era will be nothing like the bubble years. Americans will be impoverished with a steep drop in the standard of living.

    How about a panel on impoverished homeowners and retirees on how they are likely to cope being homeless, without work and battling rioters?

    The funny part of the conference is the last section on how to ‘profit’ in the post-crash era. The lesson of this crash is failing to sink in: You can’t build prosperity by accumulating debt.

    Americans are not likely to go back to huge credit debts and artificially inflated homes. Terrified Americans will be saving their last pennies afraid of being impoverished in their golden years.

    The era of banks making ‘profits’ from ‘proprietary’ trading are over.

    May be there is money to be made from banks lending out the savings of Americans if Americans are confident to put their money in insolvent banks.

    There should be huge industries springing up on: how to grow and preserve your own food, how to live within your means, how to live without costly energy imports, how to barter for what you need, what wild animals in urban areas are good for eating, how to use a handgun, how to build a rape gate in your bedroom, how to kill your beloved pets for food, and other basic survival techniques in the post-crash-post riots era.

    It should be interesting.

  9. Shnaps says:

    Dylan Ratigan, (CNBC, Bloomberg TV, tba)

    tba? — Does that mean Dylan’s got a new gig? Good for him. He’s one of the few TV newspeople who I really began to respect as the crisis grew. Wish I could make your conference, Barry! It promises to be excellent.

  10. Chief Tomahawk says:

    Shnaps, I agree.

  11. Greg0658 says:

    maybe “Capture Your Jubilee Moment from this Crisis” sub “How Others Can Carry Yourself onto deaths bed”
    I just measured 6 inches of Dave DelDotto books and tapes that probably need updating – I should breeze them again .. with Peter Francis Geraci and his info tapes for an hour or so … more seriously I was out in NY about a year ago / we’re thinkin tourin natures cliff faces this summer by goin west .. I’ll say hi at a book signing event

  12. Greg0658 says:

    I killed the thread with that snotty reference to capitalisms method of pushing for ideas and dispensing failures. I am getting curious as to what I’ve been missing not playing the markets. Maybe putting some money into a corporation, a commodity and a bond for the experience of it. I’ve always spent my time and money building my own infrastructure for hire. Never an inwestor .. except by working .. and by working you invest by buying someones product, and paying taxes, and doing some savings (forced and voluntary).

    The bond is easy with a US dollar move. I think I have the commodity picked (ain’t gonna tell ya). As far as the corp thats a toss up. Who to support that will provide some kickback to me somehow someway down the line. A corp who pays its executives in equal share to the lower body muscle of the firm. Who treats the earth nice and doesn’t play the community they are setup in for ____.

    I may be eating up to many bytes in the www and doing no good. This game of markets is not winner take all .. when that happens .. next step is you say “ok you win” .. wanna play again .. deal me some ____.

    ps – proofed and before I submit – 1 more thought on your industry … your industry is supposed to relate directly to how well I do at “spending my time and money building my own infrastructure” DONT Forget that. And I will try to inwest in the structures higher up than me.